10 Countries It’s Crazy Easy To Immigrate To


1. Mexico

Lifestyle in Mexico is more comfortable than other countries of the world, but it provides all the amenities you are using, including fast internet, current movies and television shows, and easy access to food and needs. shopping. Do not forget the beach and delicious local cuisine!

In Mexico, you can apply for a permanent residential visa, which you do not have the ability to work. To get the qualification, you need a monthly net income of $ 1,826 as an individual – it is more remarkable for the whole family. There are also several temporary residential visas, which are good for four years and require $ 1096 monthly income.


2. Panama

Panama is a welcome country that wants guests to feel part of the family. It has all got such a shape in the form of clean, soft beaches, rich agriculture, thick rainforests, and green mountains. It also has modern and exciting capital of comfortable small cities and Panama City. The US dollar is the official currency of Panama.

There are many flexible options for people living in Panama. If you are one of the 50 friendly friends, you can come up with any problem and work. If you want to retire in Panama, you only need a minimum of $ 1,000 monthly pensions to get Pensionado Visa. This way also offers a group of discounts for things such as eating health care and restaurants.



3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been popular with exports for over 30 years due to its easiest lifestyle and scenic beach scenes. Actually, all kinds of water lovers will be taken to Costa Rica, because it is anywhere else in the world and there are other things in the world. As you can imagine, a wide variety of local population comes with it, including 300 species of a hummingbird!

Costa Rica is an amazing place for retirement, offering a visa program that welcomes older people with a minimum of $ 1,000 / month in the covenant. For a working set, you’ll need a job to live there. Fortunately, there are many occasions in Costa Rica, especially tourism and English education.



4. Belize

There is nothing to worry about Belize, one place in which you both can overcome a barrier reef and find ancient ruins in one day. On the other hand, why do not you just go to the beach side of the hammock? Belize with a very low price, Belize is really your anger.

To be eligible for permanent accommodation, you only need to stay in Belize for a year. All you need to do is enter the visa in every country and renew it every month as long as you move continuously for Belize for 50 weeks.

If you are over 45 years old, you can accelerate the process with retired people who require a monthly income of $ 2,000. You will not be able to work for a company within Belize at QRE, but you can free from the foreign company’s era.



5. Roatán

Rotan does not own itself, but for those living in the remote island, it only orders the doctor. Located 35 miles from the beach of Honduras, Route is a perfect mountainous interior for Chinese sand shores, peaceful restrictions, and hiking. The basic structure is also strong, so you do not have to sacrifice the rest of the creatures that you use.

If you only want to stay for 3-4 months at a time, a visa will be sufficient. To retire on Roatán (or anywhere in the lens), you will need $ 1500 per month.

If you are not retirement age, income needs reach $ 2,500 / month, but you can still get a permanent residency visa that does not need to get your citizenship out of other places. As long as you choose to be a citizen.



6. Svalbard

If you do not have a relaxation then you can be later, but you can get a lot of adventures, sleeping habits. An area of Norway is an island situated between Swollerback Mainland and the North Pole. In this way, it becomes so cold that the homeless is innocent and illegal.

The polar bear is also known to rotate around, so you will need to take a gun for protection. In the summer, the sun does not keep there four straight months, but in the winter, it is dark all the time.

There are few rules to get admission in the Swallowbad. No visa is required from any country, but the governor has secured the right to refuse to enter the people who are not ready to hack the situation. You must have a place to live, and usually, jobs are provided to the employees in the homes. So if you can work, you are inside.



7. Seychelles

But to move back to a place that is not only inviting but warm and inviting, Seychelles has 115 beautiful islands in the Western Pacific. Nearly half the population of the country available in the country is protected in the form of national parks and reserves, but it still leaves many rooms for the cost of beach life and cultural diversity.

You will need a passport when you reach all seals. There are no visa requirements to move there. If you want to make it official after five years of residence, you will be able to apply for citizenship. Unless you have reached any legal trouble at this time. If you do not have an account yet, register now! This video has been sent wrong. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now!



8. Nicaragua

Forget what you have forgotten about the news. Nicaragua is a beautiful tropical region that will welcome you. Although there are some bad things in its history, Nicaragua is currently the lowest penalty rate in a Central American country. Throw in one, but two, ancient beaches, and Nicaragua may be hard to lose.

The Nicaragua retirement program is less than a surprise, the revenue requires only $ 600 per month. You do not even need to be retired technically, because Nicaragua imposes any age of people on any visa that is automatically found or a small hotel or restaurant in the country.



9. Sweden

Sweden is a good choice if you are looking for high quality and progressive political culture. It is called one of the best countries to become a woman and has the most important ideas about sexual equality. It also offers entrepreneurs, with refugee and immigrant population of about 15 percent.

Sweden is not the easiest country on our list, just for a long stay, because you will need to offer a job to get a visa.

However, the immigration process is automatically online automatically, and the network can spend a few months in the country free of charge visa.




10. Cambodia

Although standing in bloody history, Cambodia is now one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. These are a good choice for those who make changes to their first world’s ideas because the customs will be more and more new.

For example, people in Cambodia do not celebrate their birthday, and many adults do not even know how old they are. Fast food is not very popular, and the favorite preferences of travel are obese.

To stay in Cambodia, you can get a long-term business visa without a need to sponsor by a local company. This visa can be undoubtedly renewed but does not give the right to work for the Cambodian company. To get a job where you will need to apply for a permit, but you will be able to find out that the servants are very soon about implementing this requirement.







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