10 Things not to do towards the Wedding


It seems that your marriage often stops from the thread – as the smallest accident can destroy everything that you have planned for a long time. It can not be trusted when it comes with the day before your marriage. If you are going to the bride or bride, there are plenty of things to dress up for now.

Well, the preparation of the wedding usually takes a year ago. Especially when you have the idea of it and dreams would like to marry dreams. See also how to handle marriage stress

There are some things that can be left without any street if you want to dream to avoid getting married by your marriage. Here we mention 10 of those who can not do for marriage.



Don’t Sleep Late at Night

You do not want to see your nasty eyes and puzzles in your wedding photos and turtles in a hurry, are you? Often nighttime sleep will be shown to the dark circle’s area. Panda’s eyes were finally your new ancestors. Good sleep from childhood program, start regular sleep until the body is very comfortable and leather is very beautiful and bright. Look, 10 things that you can not know about sleep.



Don’t Spicy or Strong Food

Whether you can hack the spice or not, it is a known fact that when it comes to food, it stops away from the desired effect on your stomach. You can not only deal with a dirty tumor on your wedding day, but you also face sweat and fatigue, not to mention the fragrance of your spicy food through your spices – not ideal. You can kiss now Bride moment. Keep simple things with a simple meal that will not run for the bathroom. See also the worst effects of eating food.


Don’t Alcohol & Carbonated Beverages

Calories in wines and carbonated drinks can end your diet. For this, the pizzeria is used to avoid drinking and juice of mineral water or fruit is just switch.


Don’t Try New Skincare Products

Experiences of new Cosmetics may have a better time than the risk, but after marriage, it is possible to choose a day before you try to try a new face cream or a cooker.

By the end, you have to try new scanner products. As a result, sooner on the wedding day, greed and increase have increased. Treatment of acne problem should be routine. This can not be solved only in weeks. If this problem is facing your acne skin, soon treated better.


Don’t Hair Cut a Week Before

During eleven hours the purchase of fireworks or planning changes will not be a positive result, and it also includes a manicure trip to hairdryers. Haircuts can be taken for more than 2 weeks more naturally. If you just want to improve the structure, do at least your month from your wedding day.


Don’t Get Facials Near The Wedding

Stop receiving strong face like two microbes and chemical skins two months before the wedding day. We want to get rid of Hummer, greed and any roof. If you make a home daily, you have enough flavors.


Don’t Forget to Drink Water

This can be the most important tip. Water can only give you the best facial. It will clear your skin, and your hair will shine. During the rehearsal dinner, try not to drink more alcohol and champagne, and get some water between every storm.


Don’t Drive Yourself Around

We know that you have full potential for driving, but you may be a little upset. A friend or family member needs to go anywhere.



Don’t Exercise Too Hard

If you hit the gym every day, in every way you go to a majestic morning in the morning – but do not do it more. You need your energy for a night on the dance floor.


Don’t Drink or Eat Dark Foods

It’s a big one. Do not drink anything, or eat food with any black color. You want your dental to be white, like your uncle’s cigarette teeth do not have teeth. Invest in tooth teeth at least one month ago, or at least white strips. Pearls take a little longer for your teeth, so you start with it. Avoid coffee, red wine, blueberries, high-fat foods, black tea, black color soda, tobacco products, pops and so on.




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