10 Things You Must Remember When Going on A First Date

10. Who is your Date?

Who is your Date?

Don’t make faces. It is important to know who you are dating. As exciting as blind dates are if you’ve invited someone out or been asked to go out, it’s reasonable to know a bit more about your date. Not everything, but at least something. What they do, where they come from, what they love, basically basic facts that would help you prepare for possibilities you wouldn’t otherwise know. It is also essential for the next step … It is planning.


9. Okay, we need to make some plans. Not good plans. Great plans.

Planning is essential. Because you shouldn’t be spending the night trying to make plans after the date. In addition, it is also useful to have a reservation at a restaurant, or tickets to a movie or a game. Note that it is essential not to make conflicting plans, so you should inform and be informed of the plans, if applicable. They help you choose what to wear, how to behave, how to present yourself the most attractive depending on the context; your attitude and reactions at a concert rather than in a fancy restaurant will naturally be slightly different. Make alternate plans so you don’t have to think on your feet if your date wants to go somewhere else, or if that plan fails for some reason.


8. So, that’s what you want to wear?

You know who you are going with, you know where you are going. You should choose your clothes accordingly with a balanced taste. Clothes make the man when it comes to first impressions. Your date would be more attracted to a well-dressed person than someone wearing something unappealing. Stick to well-fitting, less revealing, and well-cut clothing. Don’t wear a cowboy hat in a restaurant and shoes that you can’t walk in for a hike. Embrace your bodies and dress up happily. Take a warm shower, wear nice perfume, smelling good is important. And ladies, let your radiant beauty shine; Avoid wearing more makeup than you normally would.

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7. DO NOT forget your purse.

And the essentials to bring. Phone, keys, lipstick, air freshener. Mr. Guy, you can’t carry a purse, but you have a wallet and everything you really need in your pockets, without overloading them. People, DON’T FORGET YOUR MONEY. Preferably divide the bill. Yes, ladies, men love it when they bid. Guys, if you’ve been asked to go out, how can you forget your wallet? Yes, anyone who took the initiative to organize and plan the date should ideally pay the same, but making an offer to split the bill is polite. Please don’t fight over who pays what or how much. If your date pushes too hard, obey politely. There is always a chance to return the favor next time.


6. Be confident. Relaxed. Pleasant. Don’t be in a bad mood.

Confidence is sexy. It’s okay to be nervous. Don’t be too nervous, your date has agreed to spend time with you because they are comfortable with the idea of spending time with you. Maybe he even likes you a lot. Be relaxed, confident, and pleasant. Maintain good posture, constant eye contact, and a smile. Your general attitude and body language will speak volumes about who you are as a person. Try to keep your spirits up on the day of the appointment, if something is worrying, resolve it quickly or put it on hold to do it again. It is more necessary to have a date with a free mind than to worry unfairly. In an emergency, it’s okay to put it off; No well-desired date will hold a grudge against you.


5. Make an interesting conversation. Don’t get too pushy for information. And please, listen.

Not enough can be said about the importance of communication between two humans. When you speak deeply, you share, you smile and you understand, you join. Don’t be nervous if you’re not good at this, engaging in a little chat initially will start to move things forward depending on how well you connect. Too many questions can be a detour, so ask questions that aren’t too deep, but make for a fun conversation that reflects how they think and forms opinions. The possibilities that arise from a good conversation are endless. Keep it balanced, don’t dominate the conversation all the time (maybe your date isn’t interested in how unhappy you are with your boss / his widespread theory about aliens and military conspiracies). Show serious interest in your date and pay attention to their words. It’s okay to lean in to listen. Keep in mind that if you or your partner is introverted, that’s fine. Keep your limits, but relax them a bit too. Without strength, without haste.


4. You are not going to starve yourself, are you?

Order what you would like to eat, not what you would like to be seen eating. Salads (read: eat less / eat healthily) don’t make people think you’re more attractive than you think. Avoid staining your chin with spaghetti sauce or any extra cheese on your shirt. Eat delicately and gracefully, but please eat according to your appetite and what pleases your palate. Avoid persuading your partner too much to try exotic foods that you are not comfortable trying. You don’t want to appear adventurous at a high price.


3. Check for chemistry. Are things getting too awkward and boring? Do both of yourselves a favor and bail out politely.

This is where the ever-popular practice of texting or calling a friend in the middle of the date helps. Definitely let someone know when you’re going out and have them call you at least once to see how you’re doing when you’re on a first date. It can help you end an unhappy date on a high note (or just reassure your friend that you’re okay and everything is fine in 30 seconds). Excuse me anytime you have to take a call, courtesy says it all.

And if your chemistry shines like fireworks, so much the better! Have maximum fun.


2. Stick to your boundaries. He/she is not the end of mankind.

You are under no pressure to do something under the sky that makes you uncomfortable attracting your date. Be clear about what you like and what you don’t like. While you can always bend the rules a bit for fun, you don’t have to do anything that you might feel or regret. Plus, you don’t have to kiss or have sex after a date if you don’t want to. Like your date, either. A warm hug, a handshake, or a kiss on the cheek can be equally appropriate and enjoyable. If your date had a good time, they will want to see you again. And so you can wait a bit to try and push your limits as you see fit.



1. Want to meet your date again? Don’t be shy, drop a hint, and call later to make more plans.

So your date was absolutely fantastic, the chemistry was hot, the conversation was deep and you had the best time of your life. As you leave, affectionately tell them that you had a great time and that you might like to see them again. Tell them if you think so. The last impressions are just as important as the first ones. Your answers will tell you whether or not they feel the same way. And if you didn’t like the date very much, leave politely. There will be a lot more first dates with more wonderful people. You don’t have to force anything for it to work.