5 Exercises You Can Do From The Couch


With all light and lightweight of our busy lives, it’s easy to lose track of our normal fitness routine since time. When you miss some of the tasks, give it and activate at home. Below are five tricks to break a sweat in the comfort of your sofa. Join and match to build their home exercise.


Triceps Dips

Muscles targeted: triceps, forearms, chest, shoulders

Strong towers are not just aesthetics; They also help in maintaining shoulder joint. With drips, you will be able to isolate the muscles using your physical weight to strengthen your strength. The compound movement includes close muscles in your forearms, shoulder, and chest.

1. Keep your hands underneath the width of your shoulder width and your fingers on the side of your sofa.
2. Your feet can be stretched directly to you and your hands tied your body by reducing your body.
3. Keep your body on the floor until your coho reaches 90-degree angle.
4. Press your palm on the sofa to emphasize the initial position.

You can try three sets of 15 dips or three dips as you can in the 30 seconds break.



Incline Push-Ups

Muscles targeted: lower chest, shoulders, triceps

Pickups are likely to be in possession of tons of movements already taken, but there is an additional benefit of cooking. Initially or those who are easy to return to fitness. With a push-up push, you’ll target your characters – as you do with traditional push-ups, but you’ll also reduce the stress placed on your coaches.

1. To face your sofa, keep your hands straight on your feet. Your hands should be slightly larger than shoulder width, and your arm should be straight away without losing your arm.
2. Direct line with your body, reduce your chest to your keys until the couch is touched. Make sure your bodies stay close to your body and not close to you (flow).
3. Relax your body and start on position.

Try to rotate the rap of the nose and tossed up push-ups for balanced upper body exercises.


Single-Leg Lunges

Muscles targeted: hips, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, core

If you are looking for a low body challenge, close pressure. Single leg change allows you to work on stability when you strengthen your strike, quota, and glue. As a bonus, it is according to the pursuit of moving and down to keep your trousers straight, you will also join your home.

1. Stand a few feet from your sofa while facing the sofa.
2. Turn back a leg behind and rest on the sofa behind you, then slowly reduce the leg (standing) legs until your upper leg is parallel to the floor. If necessary, adjust your positioning to ensure that the knee in front of you does not exceed your fingers. Keep your chest out and keep you behind.
3. Slowly move your front leg straight into your initial position by straightening the front leg.

Try 20 lungs on a leg and then 20, and re-cycle this cycle four to four times.



Leg Raises

Muscles targeted: Lower abdomen, thighs, hip flexors

Turns out you can tone your stomach while lying down. Leg raises allow you to give your lower abs some love. Just remember to lift and lower your legs slowly and not to rely on the momentum of the movement.

1. Lie flat on the couch with your legs straight. Place your hands under your glutes, palms facing down.
2. Keeping your legs parallel, allow a slight bend in your knees as you raise your legs straight up in the air. They should stay squeezed and move together.
3. Hold your legs for a second when they’ve reached a 90-degree angle with the floor, then slowly lower them back to hover above the couch.

Try doing three sets of 20 lifts or as many lifts as you can in 30-second intervals. If you want to mix up this exercise more, lift one leg at a time while keeping the other at a hover above the couch.




Muscles targeted: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes

You don’t have to stray far from the couch to target your glutes. Air squats are a compound, lower-body movement. Incorporate the couch to make sure you’re going low enough. At the bottom of each squat, lightly tap the edge of the couch with your bottom before coming back up. Just make sure not to fully sit down and relax.

1. Stand about a foot in front of your couch with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
2. Get into position by driving your hips backward, keeping your back flat and your knees following your toes (don’t allow them to bow inward). Your chest should be up and your shoulders down and back.
3. Lower your body by bending your knees, not allowing them to surpass your toes. Lower until your bottom slightly grazes the couch, then return to standing. Flex your glutes to help drive your body upwards.

Try doing three sets of 25 squats or rotate squats with leg lunges and leg lifts for a well-rounded lower body workout.




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