Liam Neeson is canceled – Fans react to actor’s story of urge for racist revenge


Liam Neeson is canceled – Fans react to actor’s story of urge for racist revenge


In an annoying new interview, “Star” star Lem Nelson says she loved a black person looking for a black person to kill.

During an interview with Britain’s Independent, starring Irish Oscar-nominated star, revealed that when she returned home from an exotic visit and learned that a lover had a gun, she started revenge.

“There is something precious – Allaah forbid that you have ever been hurt by any person in your family under criminal circumstances,” he has never heard story stories before.

Nisson told the shop that “he took the situation in a very unusual way.” “But I had a quick reaction … I asked, who knew who was this? No. What color were they? He said it was a black person.

“I went to the top and bottom areas with nighttime, hoping that I would contact someone – I’m ashamed that it’s for a week, and hopefully something is” the black boat ” I’ll come out of it. Pub and something about me, you know? So I could kill it. ”


Nisson, now 66, is returning to the event with shame and sorrow.

“It was awesome, terrible, when I thought I did that,” he said. “And I never admitted this, and I’m telling him to the journalist. God forbid.”

He said that this experience has taught them a serious lesson: When it is necessary to overcome such sentiments, stop it and ask yourself, “What is your work?”

He continues, “I am growing in Northern Ireland in trouble,” long ago for Catholics, speaking for decades, who wanted to divide the UK and made a united Ireland and Protestant loyalist who wanted to live. . “I was aware who were caught in difficulties, and I understand the need to take revenge, but it only takes more revenge, more murder and more murder and proof of Northern Ireland. All these things in the world Happiness, violence, is proof, you know. Its essential needs, I understand. ”

Nisson has never explained that when attempted to retaliate or retaliation was tried. Interview Inspector Maxwell requested a follow-up interview with the star of “Shanderman” star to discuss the event, which is among the press tour of his new movie “Cold Money”.

“He refused,” Michallon said. “But Nisson said, as it was for the first time that story was. Maybe it’s enough.”

Azad published a companion piece by color editor, Cuba Shade Baptism. She writes, “I am happy that Nisson was about to talk about her story as she highlighted a trend that understands very little.”

The story of the actor is rather a big lesson and asks, “What (extraordinary) you are doing?” She writes

“I will argue that the biggest things will be here even if we want to recognize whether or not, racism and sympathy on society will continue to have a lot of psychological effects.”

Twitter users did not understand – let alone forgive.

@HannahAlOthman. Wrote  “You just asked which colors were they? I do not care how sorry you are, Lem Nisson, it’s disgusting.”












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