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Although his film industry could not reach the necessary level, Pakistan also produces the best actors and actors of Pakistan. His drama is most famous for the production of famous dramas in the industry and is seen around the world. Those of them appreciated by criticism and obeyed by fans. Here are 10, the most beautiful, most beautiful, beautiful Pakistani actress.


#10- Mawra Hocane

Maura Hockey changed Hakey to her family’s name in the 7th grade. She, along with her sister, Urwa Hocane, started a video joke on television when she both drew her to the director. In a very short time working in various drama serials, Mulla Hockey honored him. He also worked in the Indian film Sanam Tariri Qasim, which was a flap. Singer, Farhan Saeed is his brother. She is 24 years old and has a long way to go. See also; Top 20 most beautiful women in Pakistan.

#9- Sanam Baloch

Sindh Baloch is a 30-year-old Pakistani actor and television holder who is famous for her loyalty. He was famous for the drama, based on the distribution of Pak India. In addition, she is currently an idiot. And, she is married to actor Abdullah Farhatullah.


#8- Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar Zaman started as a television actress and is now a successful model and has also worked in movies. It looks great and the smile has won millions of hearts. The 33-year-old Umar has played an important role in a short time and is currently one of the most paid actors in Pakistan. He is the recipient of several positions including the Lakshak Style Awards and awards award.

#7- Mahira Khan

Mahra is related to a family of Urdu-speaking Pashtuns. Khan moved his college in California to college. He entered a university and during that time, he was a carrier at Wright Aid Store in Los Angeles and used to reduce the floor at night and close the shop. Mahra returned to Pakistan in 2008 without completing her studies. He also started as a VG but was put in the late one film Bol. He was famous for Drama Hammer, around the world, which was seen in all the continents along with Feda Khan and became a star of the night and domestic. 32-year-old Umar has also worked in an Indian film Rai with Shahrukh Khan. Now she is one of the most paid actors in Pakistan. In addition, he has won several awards.


#6- Aiman & Minal Khan

It makes a small piece of twins like this. If we talk about one, then we must have both of them because they are the same! Both are known in exchange of characters during shooting. They rotate with little bubbles with both high-speed features and white skinheads. These beautiful faces are well-known throughout the country and they are only 19 years old. Can you tell who are you? Anyway, he is just a Pakistani Pakistani actor.

#5- Aiza Khan

This 26-year-old actor has set herself as a successful actress. She is known for her decent dressing and mixing. Its inactive characters include brand new ambassadors for many products and a loved one! The actor was marrying Danish Taimoor and both of them have a daughter in Hurren.


#4- Ayesha Khan

Aisha Khan has passed since now and has never been old. He has also worked in plays and films in Pakistani films. Her attractive qualities have made them a focus and she keeps everything in color. She is also a commercial model and is 34 years old.

#3- Sonya Hussain

Sonia Hussain is an actress, a TV host, and a model. It looks good and she gets a lot of treatment to see the skills of versatile actors. He has worked in many Pakistani plays and has also worked in Pakistani movies. He is married to a model named WIF. She is only 25 years old.


#2- Syra Shehroz

Syra Yousuf also knows that Syra Shehroz has married an actor, Shahrukh Sabzwari and is a daughter. He is the former judge and is currently a Pakistani model and actress. In addition, he has worked in different telephones. He is famous for his role in the HMV Serial Mir Nasheb. Syra has also starred in a purely filmed movie. She’s 29 years old and cute! Her smile is the best feature and she is very pleased to see. In addition, she is the second among the most beautiful Pakistani actors.


#1- Maya Ali

Maya Ali is one of the actors who started as VJ, but soon became famous as an actress and a model. After this, her drama wool removed the screen when she was the best answer to her assistant with Osman Khalid Butt. After this, he played two different plays, then two of them played with Usman Khalid Butt! At present, he is engaged in his first film film with Ali Zafar. He has won two awards and has been popular in the elimination of limited time due to its wonderful beauty and attention. Maya is the most beautiful Pakistani actress at the top of 2017.


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