Prettiest Ladies We Love – Top 10 Women That are Smart & Awesome


These are the most beautiful women yesterday, from tomorrow and last year, featuring Kate Beckenel, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and more. See their special photos and read their stories here.


10. Scarlett Johansson

Awesome woman Scart Johannesson has published many of the world’s most popular women’s listings, especially when she was named “Hot lady Woman” by Square magazine both in 2006 and 2013. The woman selected for the title), and “the most famous celebrity” by Playback Magazine in 2007. He is 10 on the list of the world’s most beautiful women’s listings. Apart from this, Jasonson is the famous celebrity of the famous brands. She is not the only beautiful woman, she has also helped different charities and because of her.


9. Amber Heard

Young, warmly sensual Amber Sond Magazine often appears in the ‘Most Beautiful Women’s Lists.’ In 2007 shows the hidden holes in their first land. However, in 2008, his success was never played in “Never Back Down” and “Penelope Express”. This actor has a ninth position on the world’s 10 most beautiful women’s list. Amber has won a Spotlight Award at the Hollywood Film Festival in Rome, Rome with Johnny Depp. He also died in 3 days, Magical Mike XXL and Danish Girl. In the upcoming superhero movie, the Justice League will play with me.


8. Kate Upton

With this incredible attention and unusual smile, Kate Onton is one of the most beautiful women from the world. The best game is known to become the cover girl for the 2012 Accumulation Swazminton 2012-13 and 2017. Opinion started its modeling career in 2008 and faced GUESS in 2010-11. He was also the 100th anniversary of the Vanity Fair. In addition, Upton has also appeared like movies; Tower Hust (2011) and the second woman (2014). He is the third of the world’s 10 most beautiful women living list.


7. Irina Shayk

The Russian beauty Irina Shake is an acclaimed person from 2007 to 2013 in the Game Soccer Swimsuit Edition. Russia’s beauty was beautifully in the five-year relationship with Christopher Ronaldo. From then on, Sheikh has been with a character actress Bradley Cooper. Due to the following social media, the models named them in number 7 in the world. He holds the seventh in the world’s 10 most beautiful women’s list.


6. Charlize Theron

Thone won the Academy Award-winning actor, in the 1990s after his powerful role in films “Devil’s Advocate”, “Tremendous Young” and “Sider House House”. The monster was praised as a serial killer. Currently, she is going to meet experienced actor Shan Pan. He is 6th on the world’s 10 most beautiful lady’s list. In addition, he nominated among the most effective times of the 2017 Times 100.


5. Priyanka Chopra

One woman whom we really love is not a doubt about the hottest women in the world. She is as beautiful as beautiful. The success of the ABC Kotiko, on which he plays the FBI agent and for which he wins a People’s Choice Award, he is starting to make his way due to the name of Chopra.


4. Monica Bellucci

Bellucci is an Italian actor and fashion model who started her modeling career at the age of 13 to encourage the local picture. In New York City, he increased its importance in 1989 as a fashionable model of Paris and the Atlantic. He prepared for others, Dolls and Gobna and French Elle. This year itself, Monica has changed the process. It is considered to be the most beautiful Italian woman alive. And as they say, is the rest date! He stands the fourth of the world’s 10 most beautiful women’s list. The Empire Magazine chose the list of “Sub City 25 Cinemas – The Women” for the role of “Forward one” in the Matrix series as a baseball base.


3. Angelina Jolie

A human, actor, film director, screenwriter and author, Jolie is a multi-talented and extremely beautiful woman. He has been referred to as the world’s most beautiful woman on numerous occasions. This is the third part of this list. Where you have seen it: You either laugh, “Both” and “Mr. Mrs. Smith”, while visiting Mrs. Smith, welcome to her or both.


2. Megan Fox

Jack going to Fox is a hot babe suck and in our list 2. One of the most beautiful women, they are present in magazines such as makers, rolling stones and fans. The Transformers star has been included in most of the women’s lists as well as the world’s most beautiful female listings worldwide. Especially Maxx Hot 100 lists and when the FHM readers chose it “the warmest woman in the world”. People are the most beautiful at all times.


1. Kate Beckinsale

How beautiful is Katie Beckenconel, a beautiful, warm and a woman who is smart and horrible? 44-year-old Underworld: The Blood Wars Actress comes to the number one of our world’s most beautiful women’s listings. Bornkill, originally born in London, England, has gone mainly to act in films of action. As he said.


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