This Is Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side


1. Bolstered Lymphatic System

Ayurvedic medicines have long said sleep on your left side helps the body filter through lymph nodes. That’s why our most envelope is in any case with a thoracic duct. Sleeping on this side promotes gravity.

Western medicine supports this theory, with the evidence that left-hand sleep improves the brain deformation of the brain. During the long run, using cerebrospinal fluid to clear your brain out of them, using the lymphatic vessels system, to clear poisonous and other waste. The right side is the idea to prevent the open flow of lymph.



2. Improved Digestion

It was considered bad to eat food before bed because during this time laugh laughs ideally. Now we know that this is not true. Digestive continues, and not only is that your body needs a special fuel to run gold needs (not to mention your washing your heart and breathing your legs). ).

Sleeping on the left can help the digestion because it allows the ease of food to move into your large intestine through gravity and then to the lower colon. Our beats are placed in position on the left, so in this way it sleeps that it will not lie on a heavy penis, potentially limiting its release to digest its release of pancreatic enzymes. The left sleeve can help your body prepare for the first thing in the morning, which is to face, the best way to start the day.



3. Heart Health

Gravity can also help you work effectively more effectively. Staying on the left side of your chest, the heart is easily enveloped when you lie like this. On the other hand, the biggest patient in the whole body is also on the left because it leaves its heart and leads to the stomach. Left means that blood without heart is with gravity and requires less pumping by heart.

When you sleep on the left, low blood pressure inferior vena cava (which leads to heart attack) also hangs like hanging in your inner eyes. Overall, blood circulation may be better with this position, just avoid a little bit of pressure.



4. Recommended for Pregnant Women

Healthy circulation for pregnant women is important because they are sending blood to two bodies. Women’s blood volume increases during pregnancy. It is not only going to help in this blood, but it also removes the pressure of the spinal growth in the spinal cord.

Especially recommended on the left is because of blood flow for its neck, uterus, and kidneys, while preventing the baby’s weight from squeezing the mother’s liver.



5. Less Heartburn

The stomach position on the left side of the body can also minimize the left-hand sleeping heart, while the right-sided sleep can do more. Scientists are not considered to be true, but an idea is that sleep on the right allows the acid esophageal sphincter to relax, which occurs between the stomach and the stomach.

Another idea is that the position on one left is a celebration between your stomach and asphalt above the level of gastric acid. More than one study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology shows more evidence for people who sleep on their right after eating, and for a long time to clean the acid.







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