Top 10 Black Beaches From Around the World


When we think of the ocean beaches, then we see the scenes of golden or white sand, welcome the sea-frozen water. But, there are some beaches in the world that are more than gold. Some are very pleasant and unbearable, while some beaches have significantly touched pink or even black. Around the world, some beaches that are included in black sandals made from fireplace lava. Here are the 10 black beaches of the world.


10. Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica

Cahuita Beach, which is also known as Playa Negra, is a black beach located on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica’s small town of Kohota. It is one of the most famous of many black beaches in the country, resulting in 200 volcanic flags. The 3.5 km coast is more than 40 kilometers of Porto Loon and has been awarded a number of times with an environmental blue flag.


9. Piha Beach, New Zealand

A solution to the coast on the west coast of Pahha, Auckland, is located 40 miles from the city, in New Zealand, one of the world’s most famous beaches, which include hair rands, But the feet burn. in the summer. Sand on the beach is due to high iron content, and its volcano population. The beach is known worldwide as a surfing beach. See also – the world’s 10 most beautiful crater lakes.


8. Kamari Beach, Greece

Kamari, a coastal village on the southern part of Kornorini, is an island which has the capital of Greece’s Cyclades. Kamari Beach is one of the most remarkable black beaches in the world, is included in sand and swings. Large Rock salt, Acne oven, sea-shaped, eye-treatment. Apart from water sports, there are casual amenities and terrace facilities. See also; 10 Cliff Side Beach over the world.



7. Santo Domingo Beach, Albay

The best of black sand beaches in Albania, Philippines, is the result of volcanic activity in the area of Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo Beach, commonly known as Steve. Domingo Beach is one of the world’s best, most authentic beaches, is mainly known for the best view of black yarn, crystalline water, blue sky, and frustration. Meon.



6. Black Sands Beach, California

California’s Lost Coast has the most easily accessible black sand beach in Blackland Beach Beach. It is located near the shelter’s shelter in Hampton County and is basically a unique look of the beach, with darkly colored amazing smooth knives. There are very beautiful plants and flowers here, along with the lake pools to find.



5. Black Sand Beach, Alaska

Black Sand Beach, located in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, is opposite of other hot beaches where you can lie in the sun in the sun. Over ice and snowbirds have been collected and trapped for more years, and only a 5-minute pedal away from the ocean glaciers, this is a cold beach that prays for warm clothes. During the warm month, the beaches come to the beach because the mountains are protected from the winds.



4. Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Malaysia’s Langens Island beach has a fabulous collection of black and white sand with a flexible look. The Black Sand makes for a geographical feature which has always confused scientists. Local beliefs that the black sand is the rest of a war which broke between a legendary half-fire called Gadda and a romantic princess’s beautiful Chinese princess. See also; visit 10 best places in Malaysia



3. Thiruvambadi Beach, India

Finally known as Batch Beach, a small town of Kerala in India, Travidhi Beach, North Varkala, looks less crowded than popular beaches. The carcassa is hidden mini and is one of the less-known black beaches in the world. Located near the Coconut Grove along the end of further north, Black Beach is partially covered in black sand, which includes a radiation substance. See also; 10 Honeymoon’s best places in India.



2. Point Venus, Tahiti


Near the Point Venice beach, one of the most popular black sand beaches near Kanipat is a coastal island, which is the largest French Polynesia island. Symptoms are that Captain James Cook saw tennis from a view between the beach and a river when the beach was named. Water is calm here, and beach views with the sea are wonderful. The idea is that the cook is here. See also; 10 best honeymoon locations worldwide.


1. Vik Beach, Iceland

VAW Beach is located in Iceland, directly on the way to the Volvo Volleyball in Iceland. In fact, it is directly under the Mýalsalskökull Glacier which is set to the volcano. Sea flow has been formed by warm lava, it is set in the island’s spherical environment, with wild and cold winds and beach bullies. Says black basalt archives, and sea-storage Rensfeldel, add an example of mysteries.



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