Top 10 Cities And Tourist Destinations In The Middle East


Although controversy with religious and social conflicts, one of the most interesting parts of the Middle East is the world, wherever it is the most breathing places and surprises. On the contrary, how many people might think about this, it is completely safe on the journey of large parts (especially Turkey, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel), and most of it There is at least one mandatory destination. Once in life.



Although many passengers have survived this time, sometimes social and political disadvantages will end, and once again in Cairo will be one of the essential visits of the world. There is a beautiful setting from the Nile, and all the chaos between it are beautiful at the center of the architecture like Paris. But it is as a gateway for the magnificent treasury of Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, which should be kept on a nearby list of nearby travels.



It is in Europe and Asia, and it is a place that combines maximum and east in the Middle East. Almost a great imperial capital for the civil war, it is old container people, is still full of the architectural supplier. Blue Mosque and Hagia are the sofas and other great cultural attractions, but today Istanbul is also a conservative city, which includes tradition and modern psychology. Close your tour by ignoring Buffalos and the whole city from the ceiling bar.



All of Jordan (with the exceptional exception of the capital) is full of magicians and amazing, ending in Patra. This ancient city, which is thrown out of stone, is not practiced anywhere on the earth, with forced temples produced by the desert tribe. It is one of the most remarkable cities ever built, and it is especially exquisite as sunsets and nights.



The future city is already a city. It’s all new and modern, big and big, and trying to compete. It is expected to be the great modern cities, now it is one of the world’s major city’s places, a wonderful water place for the world’s best hotels. Dubai’s visit is a glimpse of the future.



Being in this fascinating city is going to be 3000 years ago. It is the spiritual center of the world, it is sacred on three great moral beliefs – Judea, Christianity, and Islam. Whatever your religion (and if you do not even), you can not help in spiraling the life and architecture of places, as you go through the streets of the streets and markets.


The UAE’s capital also wants to be the main cultural capital of the Middle East. For that, it created a new home for the Louvre Museum and is planning its own Guggenheim, and that would make it one of the world’s must-go cities. Set in a series of islands, it’s already an attractive destination, with sky-high architecture and one of the world’s largest mosques that can be visited by non-Muslims…


It is one of the most astonished cities in the world, which got a little bit of New York, Rio, and Miami. Although it is unique to become more and more Jewish cities, it wants to see itself as a conservative place, is always a feeling of holiday. It is affected up to 24 hours, with excellent nightlife and seafood party. Good weather helps in a good, young population.



The biggest stories of Egyptian temples are here in their ruined Shant. Kings and workers are the valley of the temple, two annoying attractive attention, which tell stories of fronts, mammals and long-term cultures. The worker is particularly exquisite, which is the largest temple with terrible impressive columns.


You will hear a lot sooner than two. The capital of Qatar is working to become the city of the big world, construction of grand hotels, a spectacular reflection with wonderful modern architecture, and the world-class cultural viewpoint (one of them is the Islamic arts standing on the construction island Mineral museum). The prosperity of the city has given it a feeling of prosperity, and some call it “New Dubai”.


The least perspective on the ground occupies the borders of Israel and Jordan, and you naturally face an extraordinary trend. This is the best experienced by Jordan, where there are some great resorts to live there. This saline water attracts thousands of visitors, and offers beautiful backgrounds to the surrounding mountains.


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