Top 10 Cities To Visit In Spain

By | January 11, 2019

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, and this is not just in its maritime beaches, it is also its variable, authentic and living city. On the tour of the country, the heads of those cities.



It’s not a capital, but it’s a city that will not leave you in Spanish. Stylish Barcelona did not change itself into only one of Europe’s essential destinations, but also in the city of a big world. It is a busy Mediterranean port, which includes historical architecture and the world’s largest sophisticated buildings (including Guyad’s Sagrada Family), but it is mainly the energy and creativity of such conspiracy It takes place Enjoy his road life, enjoy some of the world’s most creative foods, and spend some time on the beach, and this will be your favorite citizen Spanish rescue.



Madrid is set on a world map of its magnificent world-class museums. Prado, Rina Sophia, and Tyson-Bernneseza, but there are square squares, amazing parks, great shopping, and a neutral nightlife in the middle.


Slay Post Card is Spain, Filenzo City, Belfast, and extraordinary modern architecture. Its ancient mountains, including Europe’s largest cathedral, are a spectacular mixture of white streets and turtle buildings. The most impressive real reporter is a royal resident who returns to the 1300s.


The country’s third largest city is always known for this road life, thanks to a pleasant climate, living during day and night. Today, it is being discovered as a city break destination, thanks to the impressive modern architecture by the famous world-renowned architect Sangego Colaterrova. It is a pleasant place to walk around the maximum places it is found within the rotating distance. There are beaches outside the center and impressive coat de lun arts complex with this combination of magnificent buildings. For many people, the best is that it is the place of birth of a pale.


Bilbao was placed only on the map due to a building. But this port is surrounded by mountains. As an industrial city, it is not the destination of the most beautiful city in the country, but it is a place with an old street where you can try some of the basketball cooking.


One of the world’s most prestigious cities in the 1200s is still one of the world’s cultural centers for two hundred and a half centuries. It is one of the world’s most magnificent monuments, Alhamba, and many other magnificent buildings since then.


It was one of the largest cities in the world, and many of its treasures can be appreciated today. Her Jewish and Mororie are built in the streets of the tight cabbabs quarterly, and most of them are found in the places. It has one of the largest mosques in the royal palace fort and one of the world’s largest mosques, which is actually built in 785.


Built on the hill not far from Madrid, historical toworld offers a rich combination of monuments. This was home to El Greco, so it is home to many of his works today, including a key masterpiece in St. Thomas’s Church. But one of the most memorable monuments is a great church, which is the largest in Christianity. And as former melting vessels of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, you will also find architecture styles like you will find medieval roads.


Some of the city’s largest university in Spain is the country’s largest architecture (maximum number of transactions and plates). In addition to seeing one of Europe’s most ancient universities, spend some time from the continent’s largest squares, appreciate two extraordinary bladders and around the rich city of golden stone buildings. Rotate the city that shines the city.


This is not a big city, but it is a destination that includes many of their essential travel lists. It is one of the most important places in Hajj for Christians, but people of other beliefs and people of the world will enjoy their narrow streets, squares and granite architecture. Apart from the Tower Mark Churches, two other exhibitions are plotted by Oberdorf (one of the world’s best squares, facing the church) and the Barok convention of San Martino Panaro.

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