Top 10 Highest Paid Models In The World 2020

10. Miranda Kerr: ($6 million)

Kerr is an Austrian model who is a famous model and a popular face in the international fashion arena. He was born on April 20, 1983, in Sydney. She started modeling at the age of thirteen and studied nutrition and psychology. As a 34-year-old woman, she is the first Australian to appear as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels and it was a milestone in her modeling career. Her dream is to reach the pinnacle of modeling and move to New York. He has a son named Flynn Christopher Bloom. Miranda’s net worth is $ 6 million. Miranda Kerr is ranked number ten on the list of the top ten highest-paid models in the world for 2020-2021.

9. Liu Wen: ($7 million)

A Chinese model named Liu Wen was born on January 27, 1990. She is China’s brightest young model star. She is the first East Asian model to appear on Victoria’s Secret show. He has tons of followers and fans on social media all over the world. She ranks ninth on the list of the 10 richest models in the world. She wants to star in movies and said in her interview that “I don’t just want to look like a beautiful girl in the movies, I want to be a cool girl like those in the James Bond movies.” She never had a boyfriend and was too busy with her career. The net worth of this supermodel is $ 7 million.


8. Candice Swanepoel: ($7 million)

She is a model who has appeared on nine Victoria’s Secret shows and eventually became the Angel of Victoria’s Secret in 2010. Candice was born on October 20, 1988, in South Africa and began her modeling career at age 15. She is best known for her work. and ranks eighth on the list of highest-paid female models. Before long she had more modeling contracts and top designers were signing her from all over Europe. She tops the list of the 100 sexiest women in the world, polled by Maxim magazine in 2014 with a net worth of $ 7 million.


7. Cara Delevingne: ($8.5 million)

An English actress and model named Cara Delevingne were born on August 12, 1992, in London. She entered the fashion world as a model as a teenager. This youngest model is on the list of the world’s highest-paid models at number 7 and has 34 million followers on Instagram. After 2013, she started to focus on her acting career. He has appeared on various covers of fashion magazines such as Burberry, Moschino, etc. The net worth of this young fashionista is $ 8.5 million.


6. Rosie Huntington- Whiteley: ($9 million)

One of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was an English model and actress. He has appeared in some of the highest-grossing films. She ranks sixth on the list of the richest models in the world and was born on April 18, 1987, in the United Kingdom. She has been a model since 2003 for clothes like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, etc. This handsome model is known to work as a model for brands and fashion agencies. His total net worth is around $ 9 million.


5. Gigi Hadid: ($9 million)

She is the 2016 International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council and is ranked number 5 on the list of richest female models in the world. Gigi was born on April 23, 1995, in the United States. This young model started her modeling career when she was only 2 years old, but took a break from her modeling career to focus on education. He also appeared in the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” series. She is currently dating a pop singer named Zayn Malik. This fashion girl rocks the fashion world with a net worth of $ 9 million.


4. Kendall Jenner: ($10 million)

Kendall Jenner ranks fourth on the list of the world’s highest-paid models and is an American model. Kendall is also a TV personality born November 3, 1995, in the United States. She first rose to fame with her appearance on the E! reality TV show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. She started modeling at the age of 14. She made her catwalk debut at the Hill’s Spring 2012 show and her current net worth is $ 10 million.

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3. Karlie Kloss: ($10 million)

Karlie was born on August 3, 1992, in the United States. She is an American entrepreneur and model. She has appeared in four Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and became the Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2013. She has appeared in numerous catwalks for a number of top designers. She started her modeling career at the age of 15 and has also been featured in numerous magazines. She won the award for Best Social Media Model in 2013. With a net worth of $ 10 million, Karlie is making her mark.


2. Adriana Lima: ($10.5 million)

Lima is one of Victoria’s hottest secret angels. She is a Brazilian model born June 12, 1981, in Brazil. Her profession is a top model as well as an actress. She is well known for her physical appearance, professionalism, and demeanor which together brought her to this place. She has appeared in several international editions of Vogue. He had done catwalks for popular designers like Valentino, Vera Wang, and Giorgio Armani. Adriana Lima’s net worth is estimated at $ 10.5 million.


1. Gisele Bundchen:

Gisele takes first place on the list of the world’s highest-paid models. She is a model, producer, and actress who belongs to Brazil. She is also the richest woman in the modeling industry. She was born on July 20 in Brazil and Gisele is the most popular and beautiful woman in the entertainment industry. Its trademark is the fashion industry catwalk under the name “The Horsewalk”. He took part in the role of assistant in “Taxi” and also in “The devil wears Prada”. The net worth of this lovely lady is around $ 30.5 million.