Top 10 Most Attractive Billiards Players


Agree or agree, but this is my personal choice for my top 10 most attractive billiards players. I encourage you to check their genes.

Here are the ten most attractive, most female pool players worldwide.



10. Emily Duddy

Nickname: “The Butterfly Effect”

Top 10 top women ranked in the US as one of the pool players. Emily Dude is the most attractive but most of the women’s pool players are at number 10. He was a star on the TruTV’s Pool Reality Reality Show, “The Hustlers”. At the age of 26, he started his professional career in 2010. In addition, in the same year, he named “Robot of the Year”. Now he has represented America in the 7 World Championship in 7 countries including China, Taiwan The Philippines.



9. Mary Avina

Nicknames: Princess, The Red Angel, Trick Shot Princess and The Princess of Pool/Billiards.

Born in the Rwanda, California; this Spanish American hottie does not come. In our list 9. Mary currently lives in Fort Watt, Texas. He started shooting billiards at the age of 14. In addition, Mary loves to paint and has become a model. He is also a billiard instructor and a martial arts teacher. She is known for the trick videos across the Internet and is called a trick shot artist. Princess, one of the most wanted women in sports.


8. Angelina Paglia

Nickname: “Angel”

The United States is born in the United States and currently lives in Arizona, USA. Angelina or “Angel” has been a pro-tour of 2004. It’s a wonderful fact about it; it’s a synchronization timer and a veterinarian. In addition, she gets acting as well as modeling. When he was 10, he started playing billiards. Then now they hold many titles and hold it.


  • In 1998 Angel was the Dufferin Tour Champion (Canada).
  • In 1999, 2000 she was titled Arizona State 8-Ball Champion. Also in 1999, 2000, 2001 the Arizona State 9-Ball Champion.
  • 2000, 2001 All-American Tour Champion. Also, in 2001 BCA North American Master Scotch Doubles Champion.
  • In 2002 NY Tri-State Tour Championships.
  • In 2003 AWBT Season Opener. Also, 2003 Coors Light Qualifier.



7. Ewa Mataya Laurance

Nickname: “Leading Lady of Billiards” or “The Striking Viking”

This Sweden-American was incorporated in the Bill of God’s 2004 Hall of Fame in the United States. She is known as her career as an author of the game and as a commentator of the game in the Women’s Professional Billiards Association. Eva is one of the authors of “Full of the Guide of the Author of the Pool and Billiards”. He reached the United States to represent Europe in the World Championship at the age of 17 and decided to live with the help of his family. As a professional tournament, her career, trick shot artist and television observers still take over the world, but from 1999, she and her family, a ready-made person with horses, dogs, and dogs. South Carolina’s house is said.



6. Neslihan Gurel

Nickname: “Nes”

Ms. Galele, a Turkey, is Ankara’s inhabitants. Provide more than just a beautiful face, it’s extremely athletic. After winning his first place in the Ankara swimming championship in 1995, then, he played both football and volleyball. The well-competing competition, “Night” is also a Champion Dart player; More than 30 cups of captains from the international and local tournaments. With the focus in shoes, Neslihan Gurel in fashion designs importance. His Golden Retire is named “Ma Cherry”. In 2010 “Nisson” was a three-state champion and in 2011 BCAPL National Master’s Team Runner.



5. Borana Andoni

Nickname: “Queen Bee or Killer B”

Here’s a beautiful Albanian, now lives in Brunswick, New York. Borana was named “Killer B” by late George “Jackie” Sansuki. In the Castle Billiards Lounge, she spends a lot of time in her free sponsor. Bourne came from America, Tirana, Albania when he was 10 years old. She attended music school in her entire life. He studied Piano 12 years, and Valen for 4 years. A “foolish” was known, boring was 5% in her class at Laudia Performing Arts High School. He has a bachelor in the mathematics earned at Fredham University and in finance. They are also studying masters in figures. Amsterdam Straight Pool Champion, 2010 “Parade 9- Ball Tour Female Player of Year”, the Three Kingdom Tour Champions; A Woman of Many Caps and Titles.


4. Jeanette Lee

Nickname: “Black Widow”

One of the most powerful people of sports is repeatedly recognized by the Barriest Digestion. This beautiful and grandmother of 6 claims more than 30 national and international titles. The world has number 1 player respectively and currently number 3. She entered the BAA Hall of Fame 2013 in 2013’s Women’s Professional Billiard Hall Hall of Fame.

Genet nominated WPBA players in 1998 and received both the honors both Billiards Digest and the Pool and Billiards magazine. In 2001, Janet Ekita was the Gold Medalist for the United States in the world’s world – Billiards’ game was included for the first time – and he again re-participated in the 2013 World Games in Kelly, Colombia in 2013.

He was raised at Brooklyn, New York, currently living in Indonesia, Indiana. At 13, age was diagnosed with genital scholysis. He failed surgery and although it was labeled success, the passion for the billiards game often causes severe pain.



3. Jennifer Barretta

Nickname: “9MM”

This blonde bombshell is from Norristown, Pennsylvania. Her billiards game of choice is 9-ball, and has been named one of the top 10 female 9- ball players in the world. Jennifer Barretta is a natural athlete and born competitor. Also, she was even featured in a 4 page article in the well known Playboy Magazine. Starting as a small town tomboy; Jennifer became a tennis player, competed in fitness pageants, and has set out to conquer the billiards industry. Jennifer Barretta was voted into ESPN’s “25 Sexiest Female Athletes of all time” and then “The Top 16 Sexiest Female Athletes” on as well.


2. Anastasia Luppova

Anastasia Vladimirovna Luppova is the most Russian billiards player. In addition, the largest list of the world’s most populous pool players. Lopopova is a European Championship twice in Russian pyramid. Moscow’s champion of Moscow and the championship of Moscow in Dynamic Pyramid. In addition, he won Miss Billiards’s competition in 2009.




1. Shanelle Loraine

Shenel Lauren, born in Japan, was taken to Guam, and once called Guam’s best pool player. She is one of the most female pool players in the world. Lauren started a pool game in 2000. Then he played in the Central Florida Pool team for four years. He was sensitive for several years. Although he has never left an important opportunity, he still wins a lot on skill, beauty, greasy and heart and mind.


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