Top 10 Most Beautiful Albanian Women


Albania is a beautiful country in Bulgarian proportions. Do you know that at this time was Mother Teresa born in the state empire, an Albania? Noodle and smile also mean different meanings. If people bend their head then yes, and if that means that no. The oldest lake in Europe is located in this country. However, Albania does not know about these facts alone, but their women help make this country even more popular. Albanian women are very beautiful and confident and beautiful. Here Albanians are the most beautiful women in Albania.


10. Angela Martini

A beautiful beauty title from Albania, Angelina Martini. He won Miss Universe Albania in 2010. In addition, Martin is the founder and founder of his dressing clothes “Martini Bikini”. They have also gone to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. In addition, he has been published in the Game Collective History Issue 2008.


9. Antoinette Kalaj

Antoinette Kalaj is an Albania model and actress, who was published in the famous Reddy Console and Pirates Caribbean. As long as he was a young man and he started studying law and medicine in college. When Antoinette was 17, he tied his first modeling campaign for a clothing dress brand called “Limited”, and then started offering. Due to great offers and his love for acting, he was soon studied and he started his journey as an actor.


8. Luana Vjollca

Popular as a pop singer and a television host, Lanaana presented television programs as Lanaana won heart and attention and has many “including” Loyalty “and” Askush s’do Ta Besoj ” Single has also been released. Her first pop song “Turbhowo” released in 2013. It looks good and talent has always improved its appreciation and attention.


7. Cindorella Toli

The next Greek model is the winner of the Sinaurella Toli on our ‘Pretty Albania Women’ list. When he entered, he was just 15 years old. In addition, he was one of two girls from Albania who went to the final edition of the second edition of the model above. And Cindy won.


6. Ruensa Haxhia

Born October 1, 1995, in Orthodox Albania’s family in Renaissance, Ronsa Hakyazz joined YouTube artists such as Jesse G., Lady Gaga, Rita Oda and so on. He started using the cake, a social media platform for the status of a video media, and he helped him to become a great fan. He started singing small parts of songs, published his daily life video, and so on. Although his first wish does not work much in his favor, he continued his work on all his career and made a number of songs from many artists, especially the rapper. With this beauty, this beauty has really worked hard where they are today.


5. Dajana Kllogjri

One of the most beautiful women in Albania – Dajana Klojri started just a sample of 15 years old. She is the most talented girl with Angel’s face. Kolkata is not just beautiful, but very slow. So, he made our list on number 5.


4. Agnesa Vuthaj

Angelsia is one of the most beautiful women in Albania, and she is a model, fashion designer, television host, producer, and actor. He represented Albania in Miss World Mileant in 2004 and won Miss Universe’s popularity in 2005. He has been featured in New York, Europe, and Dubai, and everywhere has got praise and love. In 2008, he played the screen in an Italian film series of screens in the TV International Film Festival and he also won the title of the best movie. Ajans has also visited guests on many television shows and is very popular.


3. Aferdita Dreshaj

Africa is seen that the mysterious woman who would have felt comfortable in a balcony with the shirt Leonardo Desiprio in 2013. The queen of Cosmos’s beauty seemed very handsome and still looks stunning. She was one of the finest experts in the Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 beauty paint. As a model and a beauty queen, Afridi also says she is a singer. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also a 6-foot long section that just looks like her


2. Emina Cunmulaj

She is still another Albania model and was born in the United States of Albania. As he spent his childhood in Montenegro, he learned a few languages in these years and now can speak in Albania, Montenegro, and English. When he was 17 years old, he moved to America to become a model, and his decision was absolutely correct, nowadays one of his most popular faces.


1. Amanda Lajcaj

This 23-year-old actor and model is brilliant and is also a professional dancer who is popular for her great dance. Although they are actually Albania, they live in the United States. She is 5’6 “and a perfect body is 34-26-36, which makes her most attractive. Since she was 7, she was getting training in the dance and she was right at the age of her As he began to compete in the hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, modern, galactic, and in a variety of dance styles. The best thing about this is that he does not get his beauty and success in his head. It is extremely fortunate and helpful.




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