Top 10 Most Beautiful Romanian Women


Romanian women are known to be the best friends, very little troubles, great physical features, and highly feminine females. Romanian girls are also sure to love romantic love. Many studies have confirmed that Romania is among the top countries with the highest number of women worldwide. So, here we have a list of 10 most beautiful Romanian women – the lowest women from Romania. They are the most beautiful women from Romania.


10. Gina Pistol

Charming Gina Pistol is a Romanian actress. He has worked in movies such as Margo (2006), Honor of the Name (2011) and Fora Weitereller (2015). Although, she is not very popular outside of Romania. But this extremely hot lady can certainly be considered one of the most beautiful Romanian women. With 454k followers on Instagram, we put it on number 10 in our list.


9. Monica Gabor

Born: January 8, 1988 (30 years old), Baku, Romania
Height: 1.8 meters
Nationality: Romania
Monica Gabor is a Romanian model that was active between the year 2006 and 2011. To overcome its personal problems, this incredible beauty struggle is the world’s most beautiful smile. Monica Gabor is definitely entitled to an opportunity on one of the most beautiful Romanian women on our list.


8. Cristina Dochianu

Blonde beauty from Romania, Boston, Christina is a popular newsletter. Who could imagine that even the Romanian News Anchor is so beautiful? These women can easily ease any Fox News Passenger in terms of heat. We do not believe Just find their image on the Internet. There is no doubt, she is one of the most popular women’s news portfolios and one of Romania’s most beautiful women.


7. Laura Cosoi

Born: January 2, 1982 (36 years old), Romanian, Ati, Romania
Height: 1.63 meters
Awards: Radar De Media Award for Sex Female Female, and More …
Laura Cosoi is an actress and model. She played her role in acting as “Adina” in the television series La Blocks. In addition, he played a starved blonde girl in the stereo. In addition, he has also shown a wide range of movies, TV shows, and a reality show.


6. Alina Văcariu

The most beautiful Romanian actress and model. Elena became the Romanian model in the year 149999, resulting in her signing with Elite Module Management. They have modeled in bikini and laundry for the Finished Line, Inc.

In addition to modeling, this 32-year-old TimeTime Time Warner cable starred in “Roommate Wanted”, in 2005, a short film made of Indi film’s death was made. His holiday place is in our Romanian women’s list. In addition to other works, they have been published in the magazine such as Cosmopolitan Mexican and Playboys Spain. In addition, he has done many commercial works for world-renowned brands.


5. Diana Moldovan

Beautiful Romanian model Dana Mololian. Dana is one of the Romanian women models. He created fashion houses such as Channel, Dolls and Gabina, Gokki, Door, Chloe, Amlo Poochi, Mark Mark Jack, Magarar, Guyroroco, Canzo, Anteperma, Ventant.

This beautiful lady includes several advertisements of Hermes, Oscar de La Renta, Carrollel, H. and M., Troaside Jeans, ASS Beauty, Emperor Armani, Emperor Armani Beauty, Dior, Clarence, Lockwast, Dior Eyes. This woman is indeed one of the Roman women in the sight of an Angel.


4. Catrinel Menghia

This beautiful woman with a tall body and black-gray hair is a high fashion model from Romania. The game is presented as a face-to-face issue, and the face of Georgio Armani worldwide. He also published French laundry Pavlover, Les Charmel in 2006 and 2009. Following the appearance of Cerceii Tai Music Video from Romanian band Corp., he made his television for the first time at the age of 17.

Catrinel has also signed with Major Model Management in Milan. It is not a question that this beauty is the best representation of Romanian women, extremely trusted, physically fit and incredibly beautiful.


3. Bianca Elena Constantin

Banca is best in Mississippi Romanian for 2009. With this elegant smile on earth, this beautiful woman owns the beautiful beauty that can scare any man’s jaw, and has left them rotating for hours. She is the third most romantic woman among the Romanian women.


2. Alexandra Stan

On the contrary to this list, electrassa stan is a singer and singer. He achieved global success with him. “Mr. Saxobeat” in 2011. He then won a commercial success in his country’s population as well as in many other parts of the world.

Apart from its amazing voice, this woman has another worthy feature, which is her beauty. Stan often gets media attention for his “warm” public exhibitions, his music video “I This Mommy!” Romania was banned for featuring hot scenes. Stein is also known as one of the most successful Romans in Romania. He has nominated and rewarded the European Border Breakers Awards, the Japan Gold Disc Disc awards, the MTV Europe Music Awards and the Romanian Music Awards.


1. Roxana Tanase

Here we have the most beautiful Romanian woman. Roxana Tanase’s Playboy Cover Model. We could not find out more about his second fact that he was Romanian. He has shot a photo shoot for the Playboy magazine and owns the beauty that we think from Romania to anyone else. That’s why she is at the top of our list.


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