Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

By | January 12, 2019

Since we are living in an age, very stylish and innovative to look at, the brands have benefited and produced silicone products. Sunglasses are fashionable products that are designated brands promoting their interest. Their main task was protecting eyes from the harmful sun rays, but now they are also a sign of fashion in the world of fashion and thus has become very expensive as other fashionable products. Check out the list of the top 10 world’s most expensive sunglasses.


10. Lugano Diamonds sunglasses

Lugano diamond is a private company established in the 70s. They specialize in selling various types of ornaments. Actually, before he decided not to decide his glass with his deluxe frame, he asked for help from a famous designer, Bertin Pereira. Parreira has made a sunglasses made of gold or silver, and sometimes the type of real leopard or the cost of expensive or expensive diamonds. He had priced his sun prices worth around $ 27,000. Of course, this is not the most expensive sunshine in the world but is still expensive for the pair of glasses.


9. Parentesi Diamond sunglasses

This sunglasses were designed by the famous and luxury brand, Bvlgari; He has expanded the world as long as he is not one of the most innovative brands over time. Bvlgari designed a pair of sunglasses with expensive diamonds made of gold and gold; Used gold was excluded specifically from the temples of Rome, and it was probably because of the fact that these glasses developed a very limited number. And before being sold first, people have a difficult way to attract unusual glasses.


8. Platinum sunglasses

Platinum sunglasses were really manufactured by Bentley, which is actually a famous car brand that started to produce expensive sunglasses just a few years ago. This is not exactly a production line; they just manufacture their limited cars with their cars. Bentley is known for his luxury cars, so he extended his deluxe image through his high-costĀ sunglasses. They spend $ 45,276.

7. Flora Sunglasses

Another pair of glasses manufactured by Bvlgari. It is expensive because its frame is completely made of 18 grams of pure white gold, but BVLGARI originally did not stop there; The frame of the frame is also unbalanced with diamonds, as a result, it has 59 Worth $ 000 worth it. Compared to huge numbers, but other expensive brands, it’s not expensive. They look very beautiful and modern. You can never actually mislead their pair.


6. The Diplomat I

The pair of glasses is made by famous German brands as well as German mububishes. Like Bentley, Maybach has developed their own sunny lunar quantities and a wonderful and attractive way to complete their cars; and since their cars are very beautiful and well-designed, they have their glasses There were no less anywhere. So, he made a frame of pure gold 18ct and a very diamond made of a frame. I spend a $ 60,000 a diplomat.


5. One More Diamond sunglasses

Another expensive diamond sunglasses design is manufactured and manufactured by Luckster, American leading jewelry brand. Like many other expensive sunglasses, this pair is with an 18-inch gold texture and a frame of coffee diamond on the sides. This is $ 65,000. The special thing about these glasses is their lens; they can change according to the brightness of the light. This feature stands between expensive brands, although it is not near the top of the list.


4. Sport Sunglasses

These people were actually born by Claire Gold. Which has been one of the most famous eyewear brands for more than 30 years? He was only skilled in preparing expensive reading glasses, but later, after working for Hugh Power, the popular designer, sunglasses were included in his collections and the price was $ 75,000. Click Gold has also made a limited number of glasses, perhaps due to Chopard’s presence; attracts more people the glass pair is really a unique design. To wear it, you are hooked in front of your eyes, because its arm throws behind your head.


3. Emerald Sunglasses

Another modern pair of sunglasses made by the famous Australian company, Chelsea Jewelry. The company started in 1945 and was skilled in producing only one ornaments, but after being sold in the ’70s’, he also started sunglasses. These cheeses are made of glasses paired with diamonds and are made with diamonds to make it beautiful and beautiful. Shells’ sunshine is at the top of the chopper and dessert and gobna if the list is $ 300,000 for its price. Beautiful expensive!


2. DG2027B Sunglasses

The pair of glasses is designed by the most famous and luxury brand of the Italian world, Dolus, and Gerba. This brand is always known for its incredible, yet very beautiful and stylish products. Dolce and Gubna designed DG 2027 B with a golden frame and diamond weapons. This glass price is about $ 380,000, in which two lists are included in this list. In fact, it is not surprised by Dolce and Gabbana; spending more than one million dollars to design a pair of glasses.



1. ChopardĀ Gold Sunglasses

In all the expensive sunglasses in this world, a Swiss company, Chopard, created the most luxury and expensive. Since the Chopard has credited the designer, The Rigo, to create a very innovative design. 26kts of gold were used. The logo of the glass with gold and diamonds with a diamond, this sunshine is about $ 408,000. This pair is actually at the top of the expensive sunshine, which might be the Chopard really watching.

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