Top 10 Most Stunning Cliff-Side Beaches in The World


Blue unlimited spread in front of a long sandy beach: is very low for sensors. What can be more sensitive to it? Perhaps, a small drama, produced by stone mat, towers on the beach, with fossil waves in the accident. Any such Christian, in some ethics, is real. We look at the top 10 of the Cliff-Side beaches around the world.



10. Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Maya Bay lies in Maya Bay in Kohi Phi-ha, one of the Phi Phi Arciplago Islands situated in the Caribbean of southern Thailand, situated in Aamyan Sea. There is a ring of limestone hills in the island, which is heightened and erected and rotates around blue water. It is one of the most exotic cliff-side beaches around the world and can arrive in about an hour by boat.

9. Navagio Beach – Greece

Navigue Beach, which is also known as Beach Ship, can be exposed by trafficking. It is situated on the northwest of Zincnotes in the Ionian Islands of Greece. It is different from the ancient beach that can only reach the boat. The main feature of this beach is its rock rocket which explains the white coast. Navagio is also called as a base jumping point.

8. Tropea Beach – Italy

Troponia is a famous bathtub, which is known worldwide, its foot in St. Ephesia, located in southern Italy, Calabria in Paris. This beach is one of the most unique hills in the world, because this city is on a ref, and it looks at the clear blue water of the Trinity Sea from this Caliph. A kind of beach.

7. As Catedrais Beach – Spain

As the Catates Beach, which means the middle of the church, the Priya de Andasis is the common name for the cantas, which is situated on the Galicia container coast in Spain. One of the most coastal beaches on the beach, all the mountains on the beach are named on the beach, which also has dots with natural arts and caves, which together Looks like a cathedral.



6. Étretat Beach – France

The Étretat community is situated on the north-east of France on the foot of the Paris-based Peacock. The coast is from natural rocks, which includes three natural arts that are made of chalky rocks. The vast beach is situated opposite the beautiful resort city, is famous for rocks, arrows, and “injection” markings, as well as an inspiration for many artists.


5. Dias Beach – South Africa

The Das Beach is located in Cape Vert’s nature resort in South Africa and is one of the most exquisite hills in the world, which runs an hour from Cape Town. The wild cap is one of the main features in the coast offered by the beach in which the tourists have been attracted, which are called the Cape of Storm as Bartolom Diet. The hills offer perfectly on the boat.

4. Hālona Beach – Hawaiian Island

Shake Beach Beach House with Hallona Blvd on Hawaii’s Hawaiian island, a rock making and smoke hole. Pacific sea appears on the beach and on its mat. Beach rains continue to live on a strong day or days of high tides, when the sea waves are falling on the formation of stones, spreading into the ocean, thus cave like calamity.

3. El Nido – Philippines

Al Nidu Municipality is a managed managed source area in the north of Mainland Palawan. Due to this extraordinary natural seam and environmental system, CNNGo describes the coast, Bactet Bay Bay, described by the finest coast and island floor in the Philippines. The limestone cart set by mountains and rocks, this is one of the best Cliff-Side beaches around the world.



2. Varkala Beach – India

Carala Beach is also called Papanamam Batch, which is located in Karvalala of Thiruvanthapuram situated in Kerala, along with the Indian Arab Sea. One of the few places on the beach by the most rugged mountain in the world is one of the few places where the mountains come near the sea because the rocks die with some water. A dip in the beach water takes care of washing all the sins in a person’s life.

1. Little Bay Beach

The Little Bay Beach is located in the British overseas region of the Caribbean, which is in the Caribbean. It is one of the highest rewards of the beaches by all the mountains, with a high and vertical hill. Along with one of the most remote beaches, is only accessible by boat or juice. Brave tourists have chosen to climb a rope with the length of the Rocky Rock which offers a natural grip.


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