Top 10 Must See Cities In Asia

By | January 11, 2019


It is one of the most interesting cities in the world, and you should be in the city where you go to Asia if you can only see one. It is a bit dynamic (and somewhat unusual) behind some of the world’s most impressive temples, something interesting in the world’s largest markets, and modern buildings. The best experience is to see it on a boat, floating markets, modern skies, and old temples. Do not miss your visit to the Grand Palace, Delhi, the house of Buddhism, and the world’s largest golden statue, Golden Buddha and relative Thai massage from relative Buddhist Buddhist Buddhist Buddhists.



One of the world’s top food cities and a fashionable capital, Tokyo is a city that has more experience than tourists. This is a great world city, but wherever you want to go, it’s a train walking distance. It has a very efficient transportation service and you can never be bored if you enjoy large-scale cities with large people. You walk away from the mirror station and move around Icon district. For a trip in time, go to the Sansui temple.



China’s capital is the country’s largest imperial palaces (in the prohibited city), and although it can not be easy to go around (local languages do not speak in English or any other language), this is a city that no one misses. It is one of the world’s largest man-made miracles, as well as many cultural sites, which include a very spectacular temple.



He has called it “the east of Paris” and it is one of the world’s most industrial and multi-cultural cities in the world’s fishing beach fishing. It is also a major shopping destination, and Paris feels that in the old castle buildings and trees arranged routes. For tourists, one of the most memorable experiences is a cruise boat to appreciate modern luxury (to paint Oriental Palace Pearl in Asia), and food in the best international restaurants in Asia.



This former British colony is an active city that is east. It offers exotic and well-known, modern and traditional. It’s a big, vibrant place, an Asian New York, and it’s not cheap at all. Its towers are the latest restaurants and shops between the buildings, which are for those who spend large amounts of money, but also for food and live market markets. It is amazingly easy to get around, along with the roads marked in English, good public transport, hiking roads, and organized tours.




You will not find the best and traditional Japanese culture in the country’s capital. You will have to go to the head of Tokyo and Sir Cockot, the royal palaces and the rich temples. It is a cultural treasure city with more than a dozen world heritage sites. It is a destination for ancient Japan, history, and culture, it is a journey to perform Tea Ceremony and a beautiful celebration of Cherry Flowers rebels. But it is also a modern city, though you want to spend more time with the potential of tourist tourism to spend more time with coffin lines and wooden houses in Hijshiama district.




For many passengers, who visit India, they step in the second world, and this city is the best introduction. Also known as Bombay, it has been ruled by Portuguese and British in the centuries but maintains strong Indian identity. Yes, it is unusual, very rich and incredibly poor home, modern screener and nasty, and in the Bollywood film industry. This is a frontier place that might not be for everyone, but nobody ever forgets. After the initial shock, this part of the world is a city with markets, colonial buildings, and some excellent restaurants.




China’s second “Special Administration Area” (neighboring Hong Kong), which was a Portuguese colony until 1999. It was usually toured together with Hong Kong (with just one ferry ride), it is “the Las Vegas is the east” which is becoming Las Vegas. It is now the gambling of the world in terms of capitalistic profits, but more than just the essence of this piece of Europe in Asia. European-style architecture, Mediterranean-style meal is already from the pre-colonial bosses, and its growing number is the Susi Scissor and luxury resort.




Some feel serious and healed, others feel that it should work as a model for the cities of the world. Singapore is one of the largest cities in the world and it is also an independent state. It is known as a perfect food destination and a conservative city, which is from the population throughout the world. It is a prosperous place with modern architecture, numerous wealth and great hotels, which does not mention the world’s largest ceiling pool.




This city was placed on many travel lists, thanks to Petronas Twin towers, which was the world’s oldest buildings for many years. But it is also a city of great restaurants with cultural compounds, historical temples and markets and many parks outside of the calm center.

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