Top 10 Must-See Cities In Europe

By | January 10, 2019

With many interesting European cities, how do you choose ten? We have chosen people who improve the history and culture of the continent, which has influenced all the corners of the world. It is in the ten cities that you have been able to understand different visits in the history of Europe (and the world), gain inspirational stories and conquerions, and sometimes the biggest art and monument are produced. Europe is a global leader in art, architecture, food, fashion, design, and citizen’s style, and there are those cities where you will see everything better.



Paris is Europe, Europe, which often transit across a continent and around the world, but is impossible for impossible. It has to master the art of modern life to capture discipline, and never disappointed. Yes, there is the largest concentration of the largest art at the Fill Tower, Nutter Dam, Champions Allies and Louver, Odyssey, Pumpkin and many other museums, but Real Paris experience is still sitting in a cafe. Or to buy bistros, Grand Boulevard, and squares, and cool with Saint. All Parisine Clauses are confirmed and the Montermarry can enjoy everywhere from Maras, and it is not difficult to see that it is the most encouraging city of all cities.



A city is great, a country sits inside it. The Rome tour visits the Vatican, which makes its unusual work, but mesmerizes this city as much as the ancient empire. He ruled Europe and more, and icons like Kusselsmith and Panton stand as an examination of the centuries, as an artistic rise in the bourgeois gallery or capololine museum. But Rome is also about stopping the streets and squares about “El Dallas Weights”, taking some time for long lunches, or for just a point or jelly.
And photography is not about the ancient and ancient age of the Italian capital, a modern contemporary focus, which is the MAXXI Museum designed by Zaha Hadid.



It is London if Europe has a capital. This is the largest and largest city on the continent, but it is not that it makes an incredible destination. It is its diversity and cultural influence, and the fact is always something new to watch and experience forever. Always include Big Ben and other sign signals such as Tower of London, Bettingham Palace and West-East Abbey, and Tate Innovation, British Museum and National Gallery and a large number of years in the National Gallery, but also Gherkin Sky There are new icons like scratchers. And the oldest building in the continent, the shard. At the top of this list, there are some of the best purchases in the world, but wherever you choose to go, you are always constantly renovating a fascinating city, and art and creativity World leader.

4. venice

After standing in the St. Mark’s Square, you will be once again in the center of the world’s richest city and trade capital, and you will fall in love at first glance. It is the home of the oldest private residences, which are sometimes built, praises Guadeloupe, which makes the most beautiful city that is a romantic series. Great wealth was also able to pay for great art, and you can see a lot of her in the Academia Gallery. But the biggest work of art becomes Venus, a city in the world that can be described as a unique environment.
After appreciating the magic blend of Regions, Bastainen, Gothic, and Barok Art and Architecture, take some time for the patriotic creativity within the Peggy Gymnastics Heim Museum.


Anywhere you can experience one of the biggest tours of European and World History (Rensenance) than Florence. This artistic city is an open museum and if you do not step into any of its many museums, you will get a date lesson. But in the history of art, Leonardo Danci, Rapel, Michelle go and all other great names should not leave anyone without entering into his teacher. It is a romantic city of great architecture and beautiful landscaping, and all its notable heritage can be coined from the unusual Domo’s top.



The Dutch Golden Age was also a European golden age, now he recalled at the Museum of Amsterdam through the artist. Rijksmuseum is a full museum Van Gug, one of the most interesting artists of all time, masterpieces by Rembrandt, while there is around the road.
Anne Frank House reminds you of the highest level of human history, and it is the most emotional monument of all Holocaust monuments and museums around the world.
And the rivers are beautifully arranged by buildings, Dutch capital is one of the world’s most beautiful and welcoming cities.


Some passengers express disappointment in Athens, expect a completely ancient city, but do not find the most unacceptable in the 20th Century cities. But by the ancient Plaque and the Acropolis, you have been brought back to the place of democracy, and some might be near the magnificent ancient miracles. The Patropoline and its surroundings are found around it Acropolis Museum (a beautiful contemporary home for a wonderful ancient collection), and the National Archaeologist Museum resides in the most important samples resorted to ancient Greeks. For this, merchandise should be a European travel trip to the European capital.



Modern Barcelona is a contemporary city of Europe, which is considered to be the past but strengthens the future in the future. It came with some of the 20th-century basic architecture (Sagradaya Familia is still progress and you may be a witness of a memorial monument in making), and now the 21st Century is changing again. It is an autonomous spirit that is playing by its own rules and is more than any memorable or museum, the main focus is the city itself.
After entering Gaudi’s second mastermind after Gaugel Family, Paris is like entering a finance land, and Passeig de Gracia is watching some of the world’s unique architecture. But although this creative city is most famous for Gaudi, it was also a home of Picasso and is a museum dedicated to its early tasks. The other outstanding collection includes the medieval arts in the Marta Foundation and Palau National, while contemporary broadcasting includes the tower and Frank Gary’s fish statue.


This mostly Sunshine Atlantic capital really feels you’re on the edge of the continent, and what’s it about other lands. Prince Henry Navigator (Navy water gas discovery led by other significant figures like Vasco da Gum’s memorable) is the sea marine of the maritime marine as we know that due to globalization, And Lisbon became the first global capital, from the east of Europe’s gateway, the story is now told by the ancient art, orientate, and marine museums collections, and the age of the statue like the tower of Blamber and the Yeronimus monastery. Reflects. Lisbon is also the best place in the world that appreciates the art of tile painting, a variety of tile museums and many monuments around the city, but perhaps the biggest focus is what Europe’s most beautiful The capital, hills serve as search points from the ceiling.
Contemporary attractions include World Class Bordeaux, MAAT, and design and fashion museums as well as Portugal pile in designed by Santiago Colarara designated Orantee Station and Sierra Vera.


For art lovers, Madrid is an incredible destination. Apart from the outstanding collection of Prado Rido (Sofia and Valazocz), Rio Rio Sofia and Tuscan-Bernnezeza are more prominent than the Spanish Golden Age and is being seen in otherworldly museums. First of all, a Salvador Dallas, Pauso and Merroe have the best place to see the streets, and all the other European arts is the most important trips, which serves as names like Robinson, Derrer, and Monnet.
But Madrid is about most of the life, remains on Chueca’s streets, minerals under Green Wine, and Plaza Mayor Plaza. Put on the new restaurant, lounge in an outdoor cafe on a plaza, and enjoy the best nightlife in Europe, happy Madrid “movida.”

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