TOP 10 Richest Bollywood Actresses in 2018


Everywhere is growing competition, in schools, which our children work, and in our children in Bollywood. Although it looks very beautiful and beautiful, even though actors and actors also have to work harder or more hard to get attention and love like ours. Bollywood actresses work hard day and night under a strict schedule and then they get big figures that can make anyone sensitive. Although most of these movies are getting a good amount for their efforts, there are some that are better than others and in this way, a position in the top 10 richest Bollywood actors list is safe.



10. Sonam Kapoor – Net Worth: $15 Million

Famous actor Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood, which is also known to improve her other kind of character and also her great fashionable feelings. A movie, advertising or fashion show, she has felt in every field and a big way. Naraja is his most popular film, which has gained great appreciation and identity from the people throughout the world. In this movie, the allegations of this applicable act are worth Rs 2 crore. In addition, he is the 10th founder of Bollywood actor.


9. Kajol Devgan – Net Worth: $16 Million

Kajol Devon is one of the leading actresses in the world. He is the 9th richest Bollywood actor who has a net worth $ 16 million. Kajol’s famous beauty and Bollywood versatile actress. In addition, the beautiful queen of India.


8. Amrita Rao – Net Worth: $20.5 Million

The net value of Amit Rao has been estimated to be $ 20.5 million, it has included Indian Block Blaster films such as Sajjanjpur, Viya, Fateh, Manne Han and more. Time of India Rao is one of the “50 most wanted women in the world”. After Mehud Desi, Rao is the second designer of the legendary painter MF Hussain Hussain.


7. Anushka Sharma – Net Worth: $25 Million

The beginner was initially part of the modeling industry and later joined the world of film. With his first film, Yash Raj Banner, Rob Nana Jude Jodi, made her a star, and since then she just added and removed many. In 2014, he also started the name of his production house with clean slate films. NH 10 was its first production and it became a big hit. Florida was its second production, which included good reviews. This beautiful actor is Rs 7 crore and Rs 9 crore. There is a movie between it and it becomes part of the list. He holds the 7th position among the richest Bollywood actors.


6. Vidya Balan – Net Worth: $25 Million

Via Balan was a part of the popular television program Ham Panche who loved by a perfect audience. He entered Bollywood with film parrotita who did very well. Although their role in the ban was highly appreciated, it was a nasty picture that completely changed its life. After that, his quality, Kaani, 2, T3N, Begum Jan, and so on were released in the films. He has also given a pedestrian for his great actress career. This beautiful and talented actor charges Rs 6-7 crore per film.


5. Preity Zinta – Net Worth: $30 Million

It is known for its sweet dumplings, the priceless Preity Zinta name is equal to $ 5 million in which the net price is equal to $ 30 million. Although, she is not yet seen on the screen she is still one of the richest because of many investments and tips. Zeniba also shared the Kings XI Punjab, IPL team.


4. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Net Worth: $35 Million

She is one of the most wanted women in this planet. Aishwarya became the Miss World in 1994 and entered the Bollywood industry with the film “South Movie Film Industry” movie Ivorore and then Jens. However, and it also happened that he gave the first taste of Bollywood success. Unless she participates in some popular Bollywood movies, including Dhoom 2, Duda, Jota Akbar, We Dil Dixi Sainam. After taking an interval, he was published in a film by Dil Hill Mikkil in 2016, and his role was one another. Aishwarya has charged Rs 10 crores for her upcoming film.


3. Madhuri Dixit – Net Worth: $35 Million

The most famous and well-known actress in the world, Madhuri Dasat. In addition, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Dismiss is one of the highest paid Indian actresses and is worth $ 35 million worth a huge net worth. Rs 3 crores perper. Although he is over 40, still looks young and beautiful. He holds third place in the list of richest Bollywood actors with $ 35 million.


2. Priyanka Chopra – Net Worth: More than $40 Million

Prakapa Chopra, Miss World 2000, is not only popular in Bollywood, but is also successful in gaining an international reputation and loves people around the world. He is known to be the best-paid TV actress throughout the world due to his main role with the ABC network in the famous television show Koto. In addition, she turned on Hollywood’s movie Baiwave, which has her highest value for her brand. There are many Bollywood movies that include insight-proof, barfi, romantic, powerful, and so on. Prinika has got Rs 12 crore for a movie. And charged as a charge of Rs. 5 crores.


1. Deepika Padukone – Net Worth: More than $45 Million

Deepika Padon is one of Bollywood’s most beautiful carriers. His first film in 2007 was Om Shanti Om and against Shahi Khan and no one came from there. Deepika, who died after the hit, became the only actress who could cross over 600 million in a year. When the Hollywood movie used to be the lead actor of the Vanish DSL in XXX, the brand’s value increased. Its latest project became Pimmit Bollywood Blocks, and its name increased. About Rs 15 crore for Deeppa film. And Rs 8 crore as the charges. With the expected net worth of $ 45 million, Deepika is at the top of the list of the most Bollywood actresses.


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