Top 10 Richest Families in America


History has seen many families who have financed the world after the creation of human society. During the first century or long period starting from the Greeks to Roman rulers, it appears that many emperors had half a whole share of the whole world due to their dominant territories and their former historical business settings. But the use of physical powers was extraordinary in order to gain a huge wealth when coming to modern society. Today, the global economic village dominates multi-purpose companies and corporate houses. Many of this modern era of America get extraordinary wealth through their business such as rockfielers, Melanie, and Canadas. Many families are still working to increase their fortunes, while many others are enjoying their wealth only the inheritance of their ancestors. And, here’s the list of top 10 rich families in the United States.


The Top 10 Richest Families in America:

1. Walton family

Walton’s family is often considered as the richest family in the world because they get their place at the top of the Forbes list in recent years. Walmart, the founder of the world’s largest retailer, was well-versed by this type of family from Sim Walton. The retail company was established in 1962 and now it has 11,000 stores in 27 different countries. It is running around 55 different names like CEO in Acid UK and Japan worldwide. Walton Family’s Walmart has acquired nearly 50 percent of the shares worth $ 152 billion. Three live leaders, Rob, Jim, and Alice, have constantly saved their places in the Forbes Fort 400’s top ten parts in 2001. According to Forbes 400, the gym is only $ 34.7 billion.


2. Koch family

The coach family inherited their material mainly from the founder of the Coach Industry, Fred C. Cook. Fred started developing his wealth and established the oil refinery company, after which he invented the method of improving oil production in the quantity of petrol. According to Forbes Indies, Coach Industry is the second largest private organization in the United States. The recent leader of the coach’s family, Charles G. Coach and David H. Coaches individually coach 42% of the coach industry worth $ 40 billion. Alongside the coach industry, the family is also known as a non-profit organization owner who co-founded the Coach Family Foundation with the Fred and Mary Coach Foundation in 1953, and later, Charles Coach Foundation, David H. Coach Charity Foundation, and Armor Cultural Trust. According to Forbes, the overall family has $ 89 billion.


3. Mars family

Mars has inherited his lucky fortune with Valentine Vancka, founder Frank V. Marie, founder of founder of Confectionery Jewel Mess Inc., with annual sales of $ 30 billion in 2012, the third largest privately held company in Mars. Reported by the Forbes. Mars is still owned by the Mars family, with no share for the public. Interesting interest is that one of the world’s most famous Energy Bars, Snickers, and Pedriest’s largest selling dogs are both Mars family products. America’s richest family name was named by Fortune magazine in 1988. He has never given any interview to any interview because he is very hard about family privacy. All members of this family are collective $ 60 billion.


4. Cargill family

The Cargo family valued their value from the founder of Cargill Inc., from Heritage William W. Cigil, Inc., who was after the fighters in the state of Iowa in 1865. The company is now the largest privately held corporation in the United States with $ 136.7 billion and $ 2.31 billion in revenue. Cargal Inc. is one of the largest companies in agricultural items. They are mainly called big traders of cereals and edible oils. Cargel’s family now holds 90% shares of Cargly Inc., as the company is a private entity, the right property of the family is not unknown. But in recent years, according to the Forbes family collectively, there is a total of $ 43 billion. Family members of the family, James Kargel and Margaret Kargel were estimated at $ 1.8 billion before 2006.


5. Johnson family

The Johnson family inherited its wealth from the founder and current owner of Edwards Crosby “Nad” Johnson, Fidelity Investment and Fakhrbel Worldwide Investments. Ned Johnson is a living legend with a $ 9.3 billion course in his investment field. He is the ranked 43rd richest person in the United States by Forbes. Her daughter, Abigail Johnson, is the 29th position holder of the present forbes 400, with her 24% share and $ 10.3 billion shares in the feudalty. Nad, with his daughter Abigail Johnson, has set the company as one of the largest mutual fund companies. Value management. Virtual investment has become a major fund group in the United States with over 20 million investors in the United States, with more than 1.8 trillion assets under $ 4.0 trillion assets under management and management. Family’s collectively is $ 39 billion.



6. Hearst family

The Harmist family inherited his fortune from the William Randwolf Hall, the founder of the largest multi-purpose mass media group, Harvest Corporation. The Hunter Corporation is the largest diverse communication media home in the world. The company has 15 daily, 36 weeks and 300 magazines worldwide, such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Elle, The Oprah Magazine, and Harper’s Market. Its sub-group, host television, 2 + television stations, including A + E networks and ESPNs, while interpreting 18% of American viewers. The whole group mainly consists of five family members of the Hostest family, George Randwolf Hall, William Randwolf Dartist III, William Randwich Hoover store, Lisa Hurmermanen, Virginia Hortstand, and Essa Bajajie Bullen. The total family members of this family are such a $ 35 billion.



7. Cox family

Cox Family targeted his worth James M. Cox, Founder of Broadcasting Wall, Cox Communications. James M. Cox also was the Democratic candidate for the 46th and 48th governor of Ohio and the 1920 presidential election. Cox began to publish in Doton Daily News Ohio in 1898. In addition, he bought Atlanta Georgia and the Journal in 1939. Currently, there has been a seven-megawatt telephone carrier in the U.S., with 2.9 million customers, 2.9 million digital users, 3.5 million Internet users and about 3.2 million digital telephone users. The company currently operates by Ann Cox Chambers and James C. Kennedy and its income is 15.3 billion annual revenue. Cox’s family has a total of $ 32 billion curriculum.


8. Pritzker family

The Pritzker family inherited their wealth from founder J. Pritzker founder of his Mall Hut Hotel Channel. He built a portfolio of 60 diverse industrial corporations, with his brother Robert Pieserkar, which includes Haut and various industrial service companies. In addition to hotels, the Pritzker family now owns the Marion Group, Chicago Supreme Court, Trans Union Credit Bureau, and the Royal Caribbean cruise line. The Presenter’s family is often considered as one of America’s richest families, and since 1982, he rescued his places in the top ten positions of America’s richest families by Forbes Forbes. According to Forbes 400, Pritzker family manager partner and leader Anthony Pritzker is just half of $ 3.1 billion. The members of the P resistor family are fortunately $ 29 billion.


9. S.C. Johnson family

S. Johnson family inherited their wealth from the founder of Craigs Johnson, Johnson Family Enterprise. Its main component, SS Johnson and Beta, is a privately held global manufacturing domestic cleaning and consumer chemicals. The company mainly operates in 72 countries, but their products are sold in more than 110 countries and it is estimated that $ 7.5 billion annually. With the main group, Johnson Family Enterprise also includes Johnson Final Group, Johnson Outdoor and other-other groups of Deutsche, Inc. The company also earned a 100% rating on the human rights campaign. An interesting fact is that this working mum magazine was placed among the top ten in 100 best companies for working mothers. Overall, family members are lucky $ 25.5 billion.


10. Duncan family

Duncan family inherited their wealth mainly from Dan Duncan, founder of enterprise products. The company is one of the world’s largest natural gas and crude oil pipeline companies. According to the Forbes Magazine, the company created the Treasury Enterprise Enterprise GP Holdings in 2004 as a member of Fortune 500 in 2010. Houston city of Duncan and 2007 was the richest person in Texas. He left around $ 10 billion after his four children, Randen Dank Williams, Mulin Frank, Danny Duncan Oara and Scott Duncan’s death. Scott Duncan is also the youngest billionaire in America. Four family members have a total of $ 25.4 billion.


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