Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers

1. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is perhaps the strongest man in WWE due to his modern gladiator build and muscle strength.
He has four out of five wins by beating MMA legends like Heath Herring, Randy Couture, Frank Mir, and Shane Carwin.
Brock began competing in MMA not from the bottom, but by taking on the champions of the heavyweight division.
Lesnar is a professional wrestler with excellent dismounting and grappling skills as he is a former NCAA Division 1 amateur wrestling champion.
Brock Lesnar also has an extremely strong chin, which means knocking him out isn’t easy.
Not only is the UFC, it even stands out in the world of WWE, where great titans and powers reside.
He has a striking combination of power, athleticism, agility, and a menacing presence that makes him so feared.
There are great reasons Lesnar is known as the Beast Incarnate and the WWE Champion is, after all, easily one of the scariest fighters.
Kurt Angle once said that Brock Lesnar squatted 900 pounds and weighed 650 pounds.
He played the Extreme Rules against John Cena in 2012, upon his return to WWE.
Lesnar once showed his strength by clearly lifting a referee with one hand (much like someone grabs a sack) and casually throwing him back into the ring.


2. John Cena

Cena’s popularity helped him land commercials for big brands and he became the film industry there.
Cena made his WWE debut in 2002 as The Prototype and quickly became a crowd favorite.
John Cena’s famous motto, “You Can’t See Me,” was used for a while to mock his opponents, suggesting they weren’t up to his standard.
But since Cena is spending more time in Hollywood, WWE fans can’t really see Cena.
WrestleMania 25 was one of the best moments of its kind.
It was one of the first true supercars and matches as famous as the first battle between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.
However, John Cena managed to do something that was still under discussion.
He lifted Big Show with Edge stacked on top of him neatly off the ground and provided an attitude fit for all ages.
He weighed over 750 pounds, and even his staunch enemies bowed down to his strength.

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3. Mark Henry

While many of WWE’s 10 Strongest Wrestlers have their own home in hyperbole, Mark Henry the World’s Strongest Man is not WWE hype or role-playing game.
Henry was not only the monster of all monsters, but he was a different type of monster. These breed-specific species in the gym could be doing things none of the genetics freaks could even imagine!
WWE’s strongest superstar holds the world record as the youngest man to squat over 900 pounds without a squat wetsuit and the youngest person totaling over 2300 pounds the only person to achieve these feats. At 25 years.
Mark Henry has a long list of strength characteristics.
During an episode of SmackDown in 2006, he attempted to intervene in a cage match between Batista and Rey Mysterio against MNM.
By mistake, the caged door was locked with a REAL steel chain. After struggling for a few minutes, Henry tore off this chain with his bare hands.
The 17-year-old WWE veteran once pulled a truck during the Press Forward Back to School charity event presented by Agape Christian Ministries.
In terms of his career, he became WWF European Champion in 1996, a two-time World Champion in 2008, and WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2011.


4. Kane

It shouldn’t surprise us to see the Big Red Machine listed. However, its higher location might surprise you.
Perhaps his terrifying and monstrous personality has eclipsed his traits of physical strength.
For the sake of relevance, we’d be talking about the pre-2010 Big Red Monster Kane, not a gentle giant: The Kane Company or the current Knox County Mayor.
While Kane isn’t as ripped off the list as the others, he’s incredibly strong.
With a 6-foot-7 frame, Kane has roughed up some of the strongest wrestlers in wrestling history.
Kane’s feats of strength include bringing Triple H to the military press, giving the Undertaker a gravestone, and, in an elimination match, lifting the Big Show over the top rope.
Brock Lesnar mentioned in an interview that once backstage there was a pulse match between the wrestlers.
Lesnar was able to defeat all of the men, including the Big Show, but Kane was the only one he couldn’t defeat.
Lesnar said the standoff with Kane was like pulling a tree with one arm.
Like an old school rapper carried Big Boombox, Kane once carried 500 pounds, Big Show, on one shoulder and circled the ring.


5. Cesaro

Considering the power-to-weight ratio, Cesaro could be the strongest wrestler in WWE (and possibly overall). He regularly amazes fans with his skills and is exceptional in the ring.
No other fighter lifts an opponent off the ground with the same ease and grace as the Swiss Superman, nor moves his enemies through the air as if he was carelessly washing a garment.
Once Mark Henry says, “Cesaro is more than naturally strong.”
he once swung the giant battle monster, the grand Khali, on his knockout, just like an Olympian performs a hammer throw.
The “Swiss Superman” has earned a place as a training partner for powerful monsters like John Cena and Sheamus on the go.
The “Swiss Superman” has earned a place as a training partner for powerful monsters like John Cena and Sheamus on the go.
It’s a great workout, but it’s the strength you don’t expect from me.


6. Bill Goldberg

At the height of the Age of Attitude, a fire-breathing gorilla, leaning on a larger-than-life character, appeared that mirrored the appearance of Stone Cold with ten times the intensity.
An unforeseen unplanned 173-game winning streak, leaving nothing but destruction and carnage in its wake, Goldberg would ruthlessly cut off all of his opponents.
It’s rare that a performer who doesn’t know it has such a degree of epic travel.
Former WWE Champion Bill Goldberg is one of the strongest and most recognized wrestlers in the world of all time.
In 2018, following his infamous comeback, WWE inducted him into the 2018 Hall of Fame.
Goldberg previously wrestled for World Wrestling (WCW) before acquiring World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
Also in 2020, at the age of 53, Goldberg can give any generation fighter a run for their money.


7. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is a relatively new star in WWE and his popularity continues to grow.
He is the new WWE Big Man to join a long history of wrestling giants that has included The Undertaker, The Great Khali, The Big Show, Mark Henry, King Kong Bundy, Viscera (Big Daddy V), and, for Sure. , André, the giant.
The monstrosity of a 6-foot-8, 385-pound man instantly became popular as a member of the Wyatt family and has since stirred up crowds with his immense power of abuse in and around the ring.
Adam Scherr (real name) also competed in the 2011 Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships.
He was also in Pro Strongman competitions but did not win.
His maximum weight was 415 pounds, and that’s not WWE’s “billed” weight, it’s his actual weight.
By taking out Big Cass, Braun Strowman won the biggest real fight.
Over the past two years, he has dominated the square ring like no other; thanks to its characteristic movement, power slam.
From destroying Roman Reigns to overturning an ambulance, he had accomplished an incredible feat of strength.
In fact, Strowman is the only person to have successfully mistreated Brock Lesnar like no one before.


8. Big E

Ettore Ewen is an American professional wrestler and former football player.
Much of his signature moves in the ring focus on strength characteristics, including his best signing move, the Big Ending.
At 24, Big E broke weightlifting records in his 275-pound weight class, four Florida state records.
At the same event, he also broke the national deadlift record.
Big E squats with a gross weight of 611 pounds, a gross bench press of 490 pounds, and a clean deadlift of 749 pounds for a total score of 1,851 pounds.
In 2011, Big E competed in Scranton, Pa. In the United States Powerlifting Raw Nationals.
In that competition, he broke national records (799 gross pounds) and total gross weight (2,039 gross pounds) in the event while competing in the Super-Heavyweight division (+275 pounds). posted an intro in 2013 on how many original WWE stars can be funded.
The Big E’s count peaked at 575 pounds, which is impressive in every way.
Obviously, there has to be a reason for those massive pecs.


9. Scott Steiner

There was only one moment when you were happy to hear the sirens, “Holla If Ya Hear Me”.
The former wrestling world champion made his aura different from others in the match with a biceps bigger than the Himalayas.
“Big Bad Booty Daddy” is still one of the most talented athletes to ever wrestle or one of the strangest physiques to ever step into a ring or a mad wrestler with an aggressive, brash gangbang demeanor.
Whatever you prefer, “The Big Poppa Pump” has a very successful wrestling career spanning over thirty years and even in 2020, it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
We can best describe Scott Steiner as the Brock Lesnar of the 1990s to young fans who don’t know the world’s strongest veteran.
Long before Lesnar became a “Beast,” “Freakzilla” was formidable with mobs for animalism, surprising agility, and awesome aerial combat moves, not to mention annihilating his opponents with a variety of suplex variations.


10. Big Show

The WWE giant Big Show has haunted the Square Circle for over two decades.
The enormous heavyweight world champion has become synonymous with incredible power throughout this time.
Of course, a big part of the big show’s appeal has always been its enormous, I mean very large dimensions.
However, his strength is also extremely impressive.
When some WWE Superstars revealed their best results on the bench press, notable superstars like John Cena and Roman Reigns landed between 445 and 465 pounds. At the same time, monsters like Kane, Brodus Clay, Titus O’Neil, and Ryback have reached around 525 to 550 quarters.
The best record belonged to Big E, who weighed 575 pounds (Cena by chance saw it and called it the best he had ever seen).
Umm, and then there was the Big Show, who casually admitted he was “just” pushing 500 pounds for 12 reps. Sweet!
Big Show once at WrestleMania pushed a jeep that Luther Reigns drove into the ring with only bare hands to show he could move slightly heavier sumo like Akebono.