Top 10 Unusual Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard

By | January 8, 2019

You’ve seen too much, played and heard about football, tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby, and cricket. This is the main motivation for mainstream sports. However, compared to the game is more than the ball hit. There are many unusual games around the world that you probably did not hear about. Here, we offer you a list of 10 exclusive sports games, you probably will not agree, but it’s actually played.


10. Oil wrestling

The oil boat is a Turkish national game. It is held every year in the world in June, though it is one of the earliest competitions, Kirkpinar, Edirne in Turkey. The boat is part of a festival, celebrated the Ottoman victory until 1357. The competition, which is known as pedaling, is trying to cover olive oil. Oil boats are also held in the northern Macedonia and the Western Terrace in northern Greece. In recent years, this boat style has become popular in other countries, especially in the Netherlands and Japan.


9. Poohsticks

Psychic is a house in the first house in which the Pooh Corner, a Phoenix in a Vienna-Pooh book, mentioned in the Bookhouse. This is an easy game played on any bridge running water. Each player eats a stick on the top of a bridge and the rod which runs the rod for the first time is the winner. Annual World Psychics Champions have been held in London in the United Kingdom since 1984 at the London River.


8. Bed Racing

One of the most unusual games – bed racing is passed by the people of Nireesaur’s Nire Yorkshire Town. In 1965, only the first generation army, Navy and American Marines were open only, but now the competition is open to everyone. In five teams and race racing on multiple beds. Every team must be decorated in the theme for their bed, for years. The bed runs on four wheels but needs to be able to float. It runs a 3km race and ends in the coming hall. Team crosses 50 grenades in Excel before crossing a river – near the near half-way through the teams, under the mountain peaks and the final challenge.


7. Zorbing

Zorbing is usually made of transparent plastic, fun or sporting rotating within another OB. It usually runs on a soft shield but allows more control over the surface level. Although much popularity about this activity describes it as an extreme game. I do not believe. This is extremely extreme, but there is no competition unless you compete with your friend whether you will do it or not.



6. Extreme Ironing

Extreme durability is an extremely dangerous game and performance art. People who play this unusual sports go to remote places and iron clothes! They call themselves ‘loudest’, and are worried about their iron ore board, non-iron iron and some of them are bushes and take themselves to this picture. Such places have reached high altitude, underwater, hanging rocks and at the top of the vehicles. According to the official website, the highly durable “is the latest dangerous game that combines an exhaustive outdoor activity with a well-pressed shirt.”


5. Wife Carrying Competition

There is a sporting game in which male rivals are race, while each is for the female team. It is held annually in Finland at the beginning of July and one person needs to have a 253.5 MW course while taking his wife on his back. The course includes different levels and passes through dry land and water-based obstacles. The winner’s prize is a mobile phone, and more importantly, he wins his wife’s weight in the beer too.


4. World Gurning Contest

A competition where won the ugliest face. Gardening is clearly a word for pulling a face, and maybe you are not surprised that it is the world governing competition. In Gurning competitions, the Egremont Crab Festival in Britain is born in 1297. It feels that in this part of the world, as part of the ‘Cakeb Fair’ they see face-to-face competitions that can see which danger can be made.


3. Chessboxing

Chess Boxing is a hybrid game with chess with boxing in the way of chess. The French artist and filmmaker Ankle Bilal invented her comedy book Froid Équateur in 1992. In 2003, the first real event of chess boxing was held by Dutch artist IIP Robbing. Chess Boxing is a fast-growing game. Alternatively, each round can be decided alternatively between boxing and chess games. A chess boxing match between two people remains eleven hours, starts with a four-minute chess round and two boxing later.

2. Bossaball

The basketball speaker imagined the unique and unusual sports in Spain by Philip Eyckmans, who developed the concept in 2004. It is like hair volleyball but includes elements of football, gymnastics and camera. This game is played on a specially designed Inflation Court with a circular transpulin of a network. It is a fair game between two teams, each consists of 3 to 5 players.


1. Sports with no clothes

People are not interested in wearing any clothes. Some games are not recommended to take off their clothes to play. Also, looking at some people to play is not a good idea. It is a social tradition in most parts of the world for players to wear some dresses. Today, the main exception is systematically organized events, and some other events, such as the World Naked Bike ride, in which people take part without clothes. Today, there are some cultures in the traps that play in a naked or partially period of sports. Some of the most popular events in the naked game are “International Alps Arizona Meeting”, “International Destructive Swimming Gala”, “International Nitish Sports Week”, “Roskilde Festival” etc.

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