Top 10 Wonders of The World


The world’s top 10 surprise list is the mastermind of the skill and handwriting of the people of this era. Today we are surprised to see the surprises that how great it was built in this remote age without any modern technology and machine.


10. Roman Baths

The famous Roman Baths complex is a site of historical interest in Somerset. The house is a well-preserved Roman site for public bathing. It’s a reconstruction of the previously destroyed baths. It was destroyed in the 6th century, reconstruction of the baths occurred over time with the last additions being done in the late 1800s.

The Baths are a major tourist attraction of modern world. They receive more than one million visitors a year. It was featured on the 2005 TV program Seven Natural Wonders as one of the wonders of the West Country. Visitors can see the Baths and Museum but cannot enter the water.


9. Leaning Tower of Pisa

This tower was built first in a city in Italy on August 14, 1173. This is known as its discussion on the right. So far it is stable and nothing has happened to its shock.


8. Colosseum

Colosseum, or cholysis, is actually an elliptic amphitheater heater in the center of the Philadelphia Amphitheater Room, Italy. It is one of the largest construction buildings in Rome’s history. Cholesterol was originally known as the Fifty-Amphthypheter and is the largest mixture ever built in the Roman Empire. It is a circular structure that occupies the Middle East of the Roman Forum. The gladiator contest for this Amphitheater, was designed to organize games like dramas and hunt animals, can create funny sea war and see the public in the open and welcome their favorite. See also; 10 eye-popping beautiful romantic theater.


7. Chichen Itza

It was founded by the Maya Civilization in 400 AD and it is now called North Mexico, now in the north of the Yucatan Islands. Chichen is a date of 1500 years old and is located 75 miles from the dead. It is said that there is a major regional perspective for various events. During earlier days and time, it was governed by the priests. Chichen means “in the mouth of the queen of Isza.” Chi ‘Mouth’ stands for ‘Chain’ well ‘and’ Isaas tribe ‘. The basic belief is that people were thrown out of the top as the altar to make their God rejoice and live, those who believed.


6. Hagia Sophia

The mastermind of the construction, Hegia Sophia is a former Christianity paradise basilica (church), later an imperialist mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. Hockey Sophia is currently the second most visited museum in Turkey, attracting approximately 3.3 million visitors annually.

Its early change was established in 1616, the capital of Istanbul until the construction of Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Istanbul Mosque of Istanbul). Hija Sophia encourages many other Ottoman mosques such as the Blue Mosque, Prince Mosque, Slamani Mosque, Rustam Pasha Mosque, and the Church Ali Pasha Mosque


5. Machu Picchu

Machcho Picchu is the pre-Columbia site, its Empire site, which is about 8,000 feet from the sea level. This site is located on a mountain range over the valley of Urubamba in Peru. This city is also called “the lost city of denial”. Mocha Pachuka was constructed at 14 height at the height of his kingdom. More than 100 years ago, in 1572, a Spanish conquest was left as a steady result.

Machu Picchu was declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. In 2007, it was one of the world’s seven surprises in the worldwide Internet survey. See also; 10 most of the icons for the world in the world.


4. Taj Mahal of Agra

His beloved wife was built in memory of Mumtaz Mahal from his famous beloved ruler Shah Jehan. Taj Mahal is the best example of Mughal architecture and it has been widely declared “Jewelry of India in India”. It is a symbol of the world’s most famous structure and rich history of India. Taj Mahal attracts over 3 million visitors over a year. In 2007 it was declared one of the world’s top 10 World Cups. See also; 10 interesting events about Taj Mahal.


3. Cristo Redentor Statue

It is the art deck statue in the world and Jesus’ greatest statue in the world. A symbol of Christianity around the world, the statue has become a cultural symbol of both Rio De Janeiro and Brazil and is listed as one of the new seven seasons in the world. The statue is 8 meters (98 feet), without pedestal 8 meters (26 feet). The weapon is 28 meters wide (92 feet) wide. It is made of strong concrete and soap, and it was built between 1922 and 1931.


2. Petra

It is an archeological city of Jordan, famous for the construction of its rock and water wells. Another name for Peter is Rose City which is due to the color of the stone in which it is embroidery. It is Jordan’s flag, which is established during the 312 association as the capital city of the Arabian Peninsula. It lies in a basin between the mountains on the shield of Jabal al-Fabha, in which the Arabian Valley (Valley Arab) is constructing a dead sea-wide valley which is in Aqueas Bay.

Patra was named among the new 7 World World 2007 in the world. It is one of Jordan’s most visited tourists and is one of the “10 places above to see before death.”


1. The Great Wall of China

The great wall of China was built on the 7th century BC. It has been built to protect the Chinese states and the construction of empires against the attacks and attacks of various Ukrainian groups of Europa Strip. In history, it is recognized as one of the most impressive architectural wings in the world. According to an archaeological survey, the entire wall is 21,196 km with all its branches.

In addition, the great wall of China can also be seen from the moon. The oldest known reference to this fiction is the English ancient King William Scheli in 1754. It is written in his letter.


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