World’s Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses

By | January 12, 2019

Do you know, who is the most paid actor in the world? Well, here’s the list of the top ten world’s most paid actresses. Ama Stone tops on this list at the top of the $ 26 million this year, he has killed some tennis balloon best-known events so that the top of our annual list of the highest paid actors worldwide Place to be declared

Combining the Italian emo-embedded Italian Eminem from Emma Steve’s youngest Emma Stone, the world’s top ten-star starred $ 172.5 million.


10. Amy Adams ($11.5 million)

With $ 11.5 million, Ami is ranked ten in the highest rated actors. At the time, the 5-year-old Oscar nominator gets back on ranking, as he reinstates his role in the ‘DC Comedy series’ in the warning brush. She also gets awards by awarding awards and money between the upcoming holidays with more commercial offers like “coming Justice League” as well as box office.

Adams is the recipient of two Golden Globe Awards, and in 2014, one of the Time Magazine’s 100 influential people was named. She is marrying the artist Dean Li Li Glue, with which she is a child. Adams last year was $ 15.5 million in the 7th year.



9. Julia Roberts ($12 million)

“Money Monster” with George Colony could not possibly be good, but to make one of the most successful actresses in box office receipts. In addition, from older movies to ‘amazing’ plus salaries of salaries and laundered passages, Roberts’ salaries are included.

Julia Roberts is ranked 9th in our list, with a revenue of $ 12 million. Roberts became one of the most paid actors in the world in the annual “power list” of Hollywood reporter’s highest-income female star from 2005 to 2006. This fee was $ 300,000 for the beautiful lady of 1990. In 2003, she was given an unprecedented $ 25 million for her role in Mona Lisa Masel (2003). By 2010, Roberts’s net worth was estimated at $ 140 million.


8. Cate Blanchett ($12 million)

The Australian actress returns to rank the highest performing actors in the world. Thank you for the sake of one for me, one for them, the fantasy miracle of Oscar Charles Carol, Fakak Thor: Rigganikk. Kate Cat Blhehett listened to the highest paid actress in the last year 2017.


7. Charlize Theron ($14 million)

With $ 14 million, he comes to the 7th position on the list of most paid payments. Chesser Thon likes Balance in her small movies in 2011 as her teens, like in 2012 with massive budget rentals, she played Snow White in Queen Ravenna and Huntington and Huntington and Murrat Weekers in Queen Ridge. The box office was successful. She described Queen Ravenna’s 2016 follow-up film Huntsman’s role in the winter war. In 2016, Time Magazine named her annual Time 100 list of the most effective people.


6. Emma Watson ($14 million)

5. Mila Kunis ($15.5 million)

Mela Kansas, with this year’s $ 15.5 million, is the list of our most paid actors this year. Following the success of bad mother, there is a hot property in Hollywood. The Minnesota Gemfields makes cash even with advertisements for jewelry and gym beam wiki.



4. Melissa McCarthy ($18 million)

Plus size model and actress, with $ 18 million, is among the most paid actors in Mela Mackarathi 4. He earned a fee up to 8 figures for the star in the Ghostbusters remake. The screen office designs its own size line. Forbes in 2015 played McMarathi’s third highest actress. The second most paid actress in 2016.

Mike and Nolly may be away from the air, but Ghostbuster Stars is still the Paycheck Pocket for movies, which includes the upcoming Life Party.


3. Jennifer Lawrence ($24 million)

Jennifer Lawrence was ranked at the top; during the last two years the highest paid actress in the world. The smallest list of the list is currently the golden girl of Tinseltown. Even without the film of hungry games, Lawrence cuts off the top fee for the next mother! And Red Gore, plus a Dior Agreement.


2. Jennifer Aniston ($25.5 million)

This year, the second place on the list of the most acting actors: The former ‘friend’ star Jennifer Anson with $ 25.5 million. She continues for millions of regular occasions in films such as ‘Yellow Birds’, but mostly makes it through certification of cash. He also included advertisements to Emirates Airlines at Smart Water, Avenue and Living-proof Shells.


1. Emma Stone ($26 million)

Only 30 years old, Emma Stone is the highest actress of the year with $ 26 million. Oscar’s winner’s most successful music film La La Land is included in his salary earnings. The film portrayed the film of Desire Actress and Basta Mia in the film, which had grown around $ 4 million worldwide. The Hollywood star took its annual annual annual and this list has the largest year and largest dollar and percent, recipient.

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